Peedee of Hisswag Productions set to release “RHETORICAL” Mixtape Hosted by DJ D-Lite

BackonmyGrind Entertainment Presents “RHETORICAL” MIXTAPE HOSTED BY DJ D-LITE

KANSAS CITY, MO Aug. 4, 2010: Kansas City’s Christian hip-hop hub, BackonmyGrind Entertainment, is joining forces with Peedee of His swag Productions to bring the latest and greatest in Christian hip-hop straight to consumers using a brand new format, the “RHETORICAL” Mixtape Hosted by DJ D-Lite.

The “RHETORICAL” mixtape will be hot, but, for us it’s not about the hype. It’s about getting the gospel out so we can impact the entire world with the message. That’s what God wants from us as both leaders and servants in the body of Christ,” says CEO Timothy Shockley. As part of His swag Productions and Formerly of Kingdom City Records, with this non-traditional mixtape he hopes to reach both the secular and Christian music community by educating musicians and youth about why thinking and seeking knowledge for themselves is so important.”I will be able to hand this project to a prostitute, or a drug dealer, then hand it to a deacon or a choir member, and they both we be able to equally relate to what I am saying,” says PeeDee. This mixtape will cover questions about love, doubt, enemies, music, societal ills, lust, drugs, pride, religion, and much more. He rarely states his views and leaves the listener with an open window to think about the topic at hand. “I like to play the devils advocate,” says PeeDee.

BackonmyGrind’s partnership with His swag Productions includes an integrated campaign of on-air and web promotions, advertising in leading Christian music publications, an online viral campaign, and a street marketing team.

About Peedee
PeeDee decided to create a production label called His Swag Productions. This label would consist of three different producers who would all bring something different to the table. The production team was then capable of attacking many genres of music. From hip-hop and R&B to pop and jazz. They attained an in-house producer position for Kingdom City Records. PeeDee also produced “Tree to Tree Ft. Tye Tribbett” for Da T.R.U.T.H. On his latest album entitled The Big Picture in which received a Nomination for a Dove Award. He has also produced for artists such as Jai, Cam, Thadeus Tribbet, K-Drama, Dre Sr., Mark Arthur, R-Swift, Young Joshua, Dry Bonez Live, Dillon Chase, J Johnson, Terrell King, 1 Lyfe, Sauce Remix and many more. Currently PeeDee attends Philadelphia Biblical University. He is in a duel degree program majoring in Business Administration and Biblical studies averaging a 3.8 grade point average. Although he has a full work load, he continues to produce and create music for the masses to listen to, learn from, and enjoy.

PHONE: 816-217-6327


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