Bizzle has been getting alot of feedback from both the secular and Christian Hip Hop market on his “diss track” entitled “Truth Music”. Which has been released all over the internet this past week. The track addressed to Kanye, Jay-Z, and Rick Ross about involvement in the Illuminati has even caught the attention of big names such as 50 Cent (who posted the video on his personal video blog). This added to the already wide spread exposure including 200,000+ views the video saw at alone. Recently, Boi-1da (production credits include Drake, Eminem, Kanye West, Lil’ Wayne, Keri Hilson, Trey Songz) came across it and liked what he heard. The tweets below speculate that there may be a collaboration between Bizzle and Boi-1da in the future. Stay tuned to Rapzilla for more info!

Check the Tweetvo after the jump.

That boy Bizzle can spit!!!!!!less than a minute ago via web

@MyNameIsBizzle Wow bro im a fan, hit me up in a DM. Im Christian as well, would love to work with you.less than a minute ago via web

@Boi1da Hey fam what’s good? Thanks for reachin out.I’m on my honeymoon,won’t be back til monday. But hit me BizIsYoungFlyAndSaved@gmail.comless than a minute ago via mobile web

if youre not following @MyNameIsBizzle you better start, we bout to make classicsless than a minute ago via web