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Thi’sl Music Featured In Indie Film

Thi’sl Music Featured In Indie Film

Many people that heard the songs, “I Hate You” and “Picture on a Shirt” from Thisl’s “Chronicles of an X Hustler”, had similar words, “This sounds like a movie soundtrack.” Someone else also felt that way after witnessing Thisl’s performance at “The Urban Missionary Tour” in Seattle, and that was independent filmmaker Chris Corey the director/producer of “Hollow.”

The music on the album “Chronicles of an X-Hustler” by Thi’sl fits the feel and theme of the film “Hollow” to the core. The genuine pain and hope reflected in his lyrics speak to the very things our characters go through in the film, especially in the songs “I Hate You” and “Picture on a Shirt.” You get a real sense that Thi’sl has “been there and done that” through the heartfelt portrayal of his hard-hitting lyrics. As a director, it is a wonderful thing to find music that fits the mold of your film. We’re excited beyond measure to have his music in our film.” – Chris Corey of VineMediaGroup.com

“Hollow,” (will be making it’s big screen debut Saturday, July 24th SIFF Cinema at McCaw Hall in downtown Seattle at 2:30PM.

I’m real excited about being a part of this moment with Chris and everyone involved in the film. I use to be “Hollow” until Christ filled me, so I can’t wait to see the film.” – Thi’sl


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