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When I recorded my first album, “Real Talk,” I was just throwing my voice out into the wilderness hoping someone, somewhere, heard basic biblical theology wrapped in common language. I wanted to see people commit their lives to Jesus Christ.

I ended up on a whirlwind of travels across the nation as a missionary to urban culture and anyone influenced by Hip-Hop. I was hurt by some of what I saw. Many were excited about hearing Christ proclaimed in music, but when it was over, there were few solid biblical communities to become a part of to encourage fellowship, prayer, disciple-making, and biblical literacy. So I recorded “After The Music Stops,” a battle cry for believers to devote themselves to an unashamed gospel-centered life.

My platform grew and so did I as a Christian. I was dedicated to serve the body of Christ and see people come to know the Lord. I knew from my daily interactions with people from all walks of life that the way people saw the world needed to be changed, as well as the way people viewed God and themselves. I felt the weight of people saying to conform to living the way most of the world did. This view was unbiblical and only hindered people from truly experiencing the grace and goodness of God, so I challenged them to REBEL.

Now I’m a little older and a little wiser. I can see the mistakes people will make before they make them. I can see not only the fruit of their mistakes, but also the root of their mistakes. Many times we want to attack the behaviors or the external problems in our lives and never realize the cause of those problems are internal and spiritual. Anger, depression, addiction, discontentment are all ills that plague us. Many times, we not only try to fix the effects of these things instead of tackling the cause, but we also don’t think God and His Word have any hope or solutions for them.

Out of a burden to help and also confess my own struggles in this area, I am releasing “REHAB” on September 28, 2010.

The work has been a process, and the title almost didn’t make it once I heard another artist was releasing an album called “Recovery,” but it made too much sense to not move forward with it. My prayer is that people will not just gain practical insight for their lives, but they would find real sympathy from myself and mostly in the High Priest who sympathizes with us–Jesus. He is more than our healer. He IS our healing. He doesn’t just offer us peace. He IS our peace. And He IS our rehabilitation. So find rest for your weary soul and Joy in the midst of life’s ups and downs, with my offering of music. God bless and I hope you like it, but mostly, I hope it points people to JESUS.