Freestyle Missions and The Heart of Hip-Hop announce the worlds first Urban Hip-Hop discipleship school.

School will focus on equipping future leaders targeting the Urban and Hip-Hop culture and communities.

July 01, 2010 Atlanta, GA – Freestyle Missions ( and The Heart of Hip-Hop ( are currently accepting application to attend the Urban & Hip-hop discipleship school. The school operates a nine month program for males 18-30 who are called to urban and hip-hop missions and ministries. The first of it’s kind, the school will be located in what some label the “hip-hop capital of the world”, Atlanta, GA.

Many are of the opinion this segment of society, the Urban and Hip-Hop culture has been largely ignored by the church at large due to a lack of understanding of how to effectively preach the Gospel in a relevant way. “A lot of people have a heart to reach the urban scene but don’t know how. They say their heart is for the streets but the fact is they find themselves stuck just entertaining the church.” Says Scott Free, Executive Director of Freestyle Missions. “We train and equip them to be effective.” He added.

The schools curriculum is designed to put in action what is being taught in classes through daily outreach. The spiritual instruction and training goes deep by including Hermeneutics (Biblical Studies) and Homiletics (The Art of Preaching) while the practical training includes outreach planning, fundraising skills and various life skills.

They have not left out the talent curriculum either. With the fully equipped recording studio the school will teach music business skills, music production and recording, and other talents such as, but not limited to, MCing, DJing, Dance, Spoken Word, Graphic Design and more. Chris “Bishop” Lyons, The schools director insisted, “We want to develop the whole person including their talent so they can project excellence both in the knowledge of God and the industry they have chosen in which to present the Gospel.”

The program begins January 9, 2011 and runs to September 18, 2011. Students will be housed in Atlanta and be fully immersed in the Urban community 24/7. Complete details are located at

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