I’ve been getting a lot of emails, phone calls, text messages, blog comments, etc. regarding my participation in TV One’s new reality show, “The Ultimate Merger.” Some were good and some where, ehh, not so cool. I wanted to take some time out to personally share with you my heart and bring some light to your questions and/or comments. I hope you understand even more so why I decided to take part in the show after you read this letter. Thanks for your love, prayers, and support. God bless!

To everybody who’s wondering why I participated in TV One’s new reality show, “Donald J. Trump presents The Ultimate Merger,” let me take a moment to share my heart with you. Mr. Trump’s production team sought after a Christian rapper and found me via Rapzilla.com. I felt called to be a part of the show so I could show the world what a Christian man really looks like. Too often they portray us as crazy, self righteous knuckle-heads and I wanted to go and set the record straight and simply show them a real man that’s about real things that really loves Jesus. I also wanted to show them that I was able to kick it with people from all walks of life. You see, that’s the gospel. Jesus walked with people that were from all walks of life. We as the church should be able to do the same.

Often times the church likes to stay in their ‘holy huddles’ and not go into the world to share the good news that Jesus loves us just the way we are. Since coming to understand that His love won’t leave us the way it found us, my life has been forever changed. It felt great being able to share this unconditional love with my potential mate while letting viewers all over the globe see what a man that loves Jesus really looks like.

You see, we live in a world where all these things that occurred on the show actually go on in churches, homes, schools, and even the streets all around the globe. I’m not saying it happens all the time in those places but [let’s face it] it does happen. I feel it is now time for people to rise up and be aware of these situations and decide which way they want to live. You see, I might not get involved in the same stuff you get involved in, but I live in the same world as you do. So my biggest hope is that I can shine some light and show you how cool life really is when you trust Jesus for the breath He gives you to breathe and choose to follow His plan instead of your own. I’m in love with Jesus because He loves me with a love that doesn’t go away not because I’m forced to or because religion says to. I love Him because He first loved me and shows me daily how much that statement is true.

Like I said before, I chose to do the show so I could show the world what a true Christian man looks like. Of course, I also wanted to specifically show women how a man of God treats them because too often they have not been shown how valuable they are not only to God but also to us as men. I felt this was another opportunity for me to share how deeply God loves us all and how He longs to kick it with us in a way that’ll blow our minds. Since He’s always after our best interest, He’s constantly hipping us to the game of life so we don’t get played by it but rather learn to play it right. I always get a kick outta seeing people go ‘Wow…I never knew that. Thanks for sharing the truth with me.’ Since the majority of the world thinks that God is out to get them for the wrong they’ve done or are doing, I’m always thrilled to be able to share the truth with them on God’s behalf.

I hope you understand that the world does wait in eager expectation for the sons of God to be revealed, even on ‘reality TV,’ and I’m so glad that I was able to go on the show and display to the world what a son looks like.