Kimmé ‘BlueBerry Thick’ to Release on Tonex’s New Label

Kimme will release her debut album ‘BlueBerry Thick’ (coming soon) through brand new record label “Suxxess Records” started by Tonex. Check out the video and more after the jump.

Deep in the heart of San Diego, California is hip-hop’s latest secret weapon. She’s sharp, her rhymes are fearless, and she uniquely rocks the mic as a plus-sized diva in dresses and high heels. Bringing class, purity and an unshakeable confidence to the rap world, Kimme is poised to take over with her debut album, Blueberry Thick.

Before she was the self-professed “fluffy emcee”, Kimme was just a shy California girl who felt like an outcast among her peers. “I didn’t even know in myself what my talents were,” she says. She loved music, listening to everything from gospel to pop to hip-hop.

She found herself in the late ‘90s when she discovered the no-beats-barred dynamic duo of Missy “Misdemeanor” Elliott and then little known producer Timbaland. The music spoke to her, because it was like nothing she’d ever heard before – particularly from a woman in a man- dominated genre. Absorbing all she could from her inspiration, Kimme rapped lines from Elliott’s landmark album, Supa Dupa Fly. Meanwhile, the artist and producer known as Tonex, who was also a family friend of Kimme, took notice of her skills.

“She was always musical,” Tonex recalls. “I heard her – very much a kid – rapping. She was just joking around, but I thought, ‘This girl could flow if I work with her.’” Kimme adds, “It was God using Tonex to see something in me that I didn’t even see.”

Tonex invited Kimme to the studio to record remixes for his song “Personal Jesus”. Other compilations followed, and she eventually took her voice out of the booth and onto the stage. In spite of her innate shyness, Kimme could command an audience. She confesses that as soon as her heels hit the floor in front of a crowd, her alter ego takes over. She says, “When I get on stage, I turn into someone else. Something else comes out of me.”

Kimme was not only a dangerous force within a live show, but her honesty and realness connected with fans in ways she never imagined. “To see them give up their support and love it, that was amazing to me,” she says. “When people said they liked the song or it helped them, especially the young girls, that’s what made me really want to continue this.” Continue, she did.

She soldiered on, touring as a fresh face amongst Tonex’s Nureau Ink artists. It wasn’t long before she returned to the studio set on laying down tracks for Blueberry Thick. The 14 songs speak powerfully to who she is and how she sees the world. She weaves between playfulness (“Tortilla Chips” and “Coconuts”) and tough-as-nails (“Big Gurl” and “Southeast”). The album pulls together sounds from pop culture into a hip-hop atmosphere that Kimme claims as her own.

Her raw rap style echoes her adoration of Missy Elliott and complements the innovative complexity of her Timbaland-inspired production. But most importantly, her platform comes with a message to inspire and empower. “She stays focused,” Tonex says of Kimme. “I believe what’s going to be her mark is her inspiration. Hopefully when the young people hear this, they’ll know that anything is possible but you have to stick to it. She is the poster child for determination.” “We can have confidence,” Kimme says. “We can be whatever we want to be. I want girls to know that they are beautiful. Don’t let people talk down to you. Just live life and be who God wants you to be.”

Track Listing
1 Blueberry Thick
2 Blueberry Blooper
3 Rapper’s Delite
4 Coconuts
5 The Huxtable
6 Southeast 619 (feat. D.E.Z.)
7 Intercession (feat.TONEX)
8 Break it up (feat. Omega & T.Bizzy)
9 Fluffy MC
10 Big Gurl
11 Satin Doll
12 Lé Bang
13 Do Ya Dance (feat. TONEX)
14 Tortilla Chips (T.Bizzy feat. Kimmé)


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