In a society where instant gratification is the norm, we understand that waiting for your favorite Humble Beast artist’s newest album can be nerve racking. Although there are multiple releases scheduled throughout the year, we’ve come up with the perfect thing to curb your humble hunger.

“Humble Beginnings” is a compilation which showcases new music from the entire Humble Beast roster. Whether you’re looking to catch up on the latest music from our Hip Hop veterans, or wanting to discover what our talented newcomers have to offer, “Humble Beginnings” will definitely whet your appetite.

With 10 tracks from Braille, Theory Hazit, Odd Thomas, Propaganda, Sareem Poems, and production from Theory Hazit, Odd Thomas, and 14KT, you’ll be rocking this album steadily on repeat. “Humble Beginnings” is out today, get it now on iTunes.

Check out the cover, track listing and production credits after the jump …

01. Intro (produced by Odd Thomas)
02. On The Radar (performed by Theory Hazit, produced by Theory Hazit)
03. The Dream That You Gave To Me (performed by Braille and Citizen Aim, produced by Odd Thomas)
04. The Fairy Tail That’s Rarely Told (performed by Foreknown, produced by Odd Thomas)
05. Soul Tower (performed by Sareem Poems, produced by Theory Hazit)
06. Humble Hungry (performed by Odd Thomas, Theory Hazit and Citizen Aim, produced by Odd Thomas)
07. Gone With The Win (performed by Othello, produced by 14KT)
08. Opportune Time (performed By Braille, produced by Theory Hazit)
09. Beautiful Pain (performed by Propaganda, produced by Odd Thomas)
10. Truth Wars (performed by Odd Thomas, produced by Odd Thomas)