Home Features News DJ X nominated to be MTV’s next TJ (Twitter Jockey)

DJ X nominated to be MTV’s next TJ (Twitter Jockey)

DJ X nominated to be MTV’s next TJ (Twitter Jockey)

DJ X (KJ-52’s DJ) is one of the 20 candidates to become the new MTV TJ (Twitter Jockey). About the challenge: according to the AP, the 20 Twitter hopefuls will compete in online challenges over the sultry days of summer, culminating in a live show on August 8 during which the audience will choose the voice of MTV’s Twitter stream. Dave Sirulnik, the executive in charge of the challenge, told the AP that the winner will be a liaison between the audience and the men and women behind MTV. “While they won’t be on TV the way VJs were, they will always be on,” he said.

MTV plans to use the TJ to take the pulse of the viewers, in a sense, and to alter programming accordingly. MTV is certainly not the first organization to hire an official Twitterer (although it is offering a six-figure salary, which is pretty sweet for a job that requires pumping out 140-word messages) — even the White House has embarked on a similar search — but the job it’s offering is rather interesting. The TJ it chooses will have to both an online and offline personality (the winner will attend events and even appear on-air), as well as the ability to speak for both execs and fans.

More info at http://tj.mtv.com/open-nomination/

After checking most candidates DJ X is definitely the best pick for the job!


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