Applejaxx “Jesus High”

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Verse 1
Seen him in Narnia High and lifted/Image of the lion bring peace and justice/Aslan hit the stone seemed defenseless Rose on the 3rd day that’s the business/Christ is before anyone was/Christ did before anyone does Look his power is unmatched/Awe-inspiring grace is so stacked/With wisdom and mercy He’s the only one that really is worthy/If you want to really know/He’s the One you need know

He’s the way the truth and light Trust him he’ll make you right He’s the one that keeps me tight Every day we lift him high I’m on that Jesus high I’m on that Jesus High

Verse 2
I don’t smoke or drink/Keep the heart sober the word is key/Playing ball cross over get you slipping Arms stretched out play d like I’m Pippen/Christ is before anyone was /Christ did before anyone does So I spend time in his presence/Dwelling in the zone is where you get your blessing/Inner man stay fly Keep my swag low so Christ is lifted high/If you want to really know/He’s the One you need to know

Verse 3
I’m on that Jesus high/Eternal style put the hands to the sky/We got the block on flames/ Travel to Mars keep the style ill to rise with pro pain/Filter in a sound that’s made for good fame/ Most the rappers talking about $$ is so lame/With blue lava who’s going to stop us/Move the scar in the land with Mufasa Lion king of the earth Christ reign supreme/Brush the dirt off just to keep the soul clean/Candy Coated pencils Sketch the flavor in your ear with the singles/I like pringles

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Written by Rapzilla

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