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Last year in an interview with Wonder Brown, I was actually told about this album that Wonder was doing with Sean Little, and then due to my lack of memory I forgot it even existed. When I listened to the single on the album, I got excited about it and rightfully so. Listening to ‘A Love Aphiliated’ is an amazing experience in hip-hop and music in general. Now for those who are out of the loop, Sean Little released his album ‘Scott Free’ in 2008 and Wonder Brown is part of the Scribbling Idiots and has recently released an EP called ‘The Gallows’. Now there’s one more piece missing to this duo; a producer. This is where Vintage comes in. Vintage is most known for his beats on Theory Hazit’s ‘Lord Fire’ project. Vintage teams up with Wonder and Sean Little to produce all the beats on this project also, making the album a must listen.

If I had the time and the space to write about every track on this album I would because every track on this album is worth going through multiple times. I’ve had this album for about a month and I can’t stop listening to it. The project is deeper than your average Christian Hip Hop album; every facet of life is on here, from pain to joy, from humor to seriousness.

I’ll start with the single on the album “Walkin”, with the piano in the background and hard-hitting drums, Vintage kills the beat. Sean Little and Wonder Brown rap about their walks with Christ, and that we were all just wondering randomly in the desert with no sense of direction. Christ picks us up and while we still try to wander our own way sometimes God always has us on his path. The duo even teams up with Scribbling Idiot, Theory Hazit to drop the second verse making the track a gem.

“Universal City” is next and the beat Vintage uses for this one is perfect for the song title and topic. Wonder Brown and Sean Little take over as storytellers and show the different aspects that a lot of us see in our everyday lives from the struggling single mother, to the overlooked citizen battling to stay alive. The track instantly grabs the listener because of its subject matter, and beat. Kristen Drake sings the chorus for the track and it fits perfectly.

Sean Little and Wonder Brown take a more humorous approach to this album with the track “Right Now” which features Wonder Brown’s Kings of Tragedy partner MC Till. The track will make you smile just because the beat is chill and just has that [enjoying life] vibe to it. It’s honestly a fun track to listen to and was in fact on repeat for me before I listened to the album in its entirety.

The album takes a serious turn after “Right Now”. “Just Don’t Know” is track filled with pain and honesty and breaks down the barriers of seeing the duo as artists, but as human beings with problems like the rest of us. Everything is put out for the listener to relate to and understand that we go through these trials and can get past them. The scars may remain, but we can still continue to live our lives and chase our goals.

The seriousness continues with “Prayer”, which I heard in the promo videos for the album before it’s release. Once again barriers are dropped and the duo makes the pleas to God while giving thanks for all that he’s already done.

you were breaking my pride I was running away / you have made me alive now this one thing I pray

glorify in the lives that You’ve made / that Your lines are black and white never kind of gray

mysteries and reason could never bind the faith

Sean Little and Wonder Brown come with lyrics that are all over the emotional spectrum, from happy to painful, from sadness to hilarious. Vintage adds the 4th dimension to the album. His beats bring everything; some bring heat, some bring a chill feel to them, some are perfect for introspection allowing you to check your walk with Christ. I honestly believe this album will be one of the top releases of the year if people wake up and smell the good hip-hop. As of now this album is in my Top 3 of the year (the other two being Braille’s ‘Weapon Aid’ and Theory Hazit’s ‘Modern Marvels’). If you like good music pick up Sean Little and Wonder Brown’s ‘A Love aPhiliated’ you won’t be disappointed.

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Label: n/a

Release Date: April 13, 2010

Track Listing:

1. Hey feat. DJ Efechto
2. When The Pain Cuts Through
3. One Mo’
4. Time feat. DJ Efechto
5. Walkin’ feat. Theory Hazit
6. Universal City feat. DJ Efechto & Kristen Dake
7. She Said
8. Don’t Wanna Hear It Pt. 1
9. Don’t Wanna Hear It Pt. 2
10. Right Now feat. MC Till
11. Just Don’t Know feat. Kenndra Lawrence
12. After Me
13. Prayer