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D-MAUB set to release first national album ‘Inside Out’

Inside Out is the culmination of more than 3 years worth of solid effort and hard work from D-MAUB and One Route Entertainment. Fondly referred to as “Mr. So Professional, D-MAUB and One Route Entertainment are building immense anticipation for his first national release “Inside Out” after securing a “5 out of 5” star rating on VesselVibe.com for the underground “Urban Legend” project. The artist combines a few of his best known past underground hits onto this project with recent hits making the rounds on the airwaves, including “So Professional”, “Let’s Go” and “Stand Firm”.

D-MAUB holds nothing back neither creatively nor on style with “Inside Out” as the album bounces from west coast style, to “down south” to even an eclectic funk-jazz blend all while incorporating the top-notch lyricism and untouched delivery style he is known for. “Inside Out” touches on a few familiar subjects such as having a foundation in Christ and encouraging others with our words; D-MAUB comes even more powerful and unrelenting however on “Death Before Dishonor” showing just how serious he takes his faith. With music heard on the international radio and podcast Wade-O show, D-MAUB accentuates the substance of his message with an arsenal of innovative ear-pleasing delivery styles. The songs on this album are sure to be of the high quality and content that D-MAUB’s fans have come to expect and then some as he takes the listeners through the journey that has shaped some of his most impacting testimonies. The heart of the artist is felt on the title track “Inside Out” as he stresses just how the remarkable changes in his life have come about. D-MAUB ventures out of his customary album mold by bringing in several guest features that include R-Swift, Canton Jones, Mr. Del and k-Drama. The album will be available online June 1 st and in stores June 29 th 2010.

On October 5, 2009, One Route Entertainment secured an agreement with Dedicated Music Group (DMG) for national distribution of future music releases from D-MAUB. Memphis, TN based DMG is distributed by Universal Music Christian Group. About DMG: Memphis, TN based DMG, distributed by Universal Music Christian Group, was created in 2008 by Delmar Lawrence (AKA “Mr. Del’) to provide opportunities to other artists who are ready to proclaim the Gospel in new and innovative ways through music.

For years, Mr. Del, former member of the hardcore rap group Three 6 Mafia, has been an essential source of Hip Hop music. As the flagship artist, Mr. Del will continue to take his untraditional approach to the Gospel directly to the next generation. Along with Delmar Lawrence (President), the DMG staff is comprised of Angela Green (Operations Manager), who is a noted Entertainment Lawyer and music publishing consultant; and Benita Bellamy of The Bellamy Group (Marketing and Promotions Director), an industry marketer who brings experience from EMI CMG, Sanctuary Records and Light Records.

About One Route Entertainment: One Route Entertainment is an urban ministry and independent record label based in Cincinnati Ohio created in 2005. ONE ROUTE ENTERTAINMENT, LLC aims to use every opportunity to the fullest to represent Christ in our lifestyles and in the public eye. With hard-hitting hip hop music, we want to re- claim our youth, streets, community, nation and beyond from negative thinking and living. Our ministry is inclusive of positive music, alternative fashion statements, and sound business practices. The label consists of Amber Bronson (General Manager), Keith “DJ Klassy K” Harrison, and Donny “D-MAUB” Harper who serves as president.



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