Christian Rapper on Omarosa’s reality show ‘The Ultimate Merger’

Soul Deep Ministries is proud to announce that our very own Rawsrvnt (Eddy Puyol) is starring in TV One’s new reality TV show Donald J. Trump presents The Ultimate Merger. The show, featuring 90’s platinum R&B artist Al B. Sure!, Akon’s protégé the up-and-coming Ray Lavender, and Hip-Hop Worship Pioneer Rawsrvnt, is about twelve bachelors looking to win the heart of the beautiful Omarosa as she searches for her soul-mate. The show is scheduled to air on June 17, 2010 at 9PM EST on TV One Network (

Being that Rawsrvnt’s mandate is to share God’s unconditional love, it was only fitting that the theme of his new album, No Ordinary Love, aligns with the theme of his presence on the show. Mr. Trump’s production team sought after a Christian rapper and found me via I was so excited to be a part of the show so I could show the world what a Christian man really looks like, says Rawsrvnt. Too often they portray us as crazy, self righteous knuckle-heads and I wanted to go and set the record straight and simply show them a real man that’s about real things that really loves Jesus. I felt honored that God would trust me enough to be involved with a reality TV show where I was able to stand out and show that His love is anything but ordinary.

Rawsrvnt’s potential mate, the intriguing Omarosa, previously served as Deputy Associate Director of Presidential Personnel at the White House for then President Bill Clinton. She currently serves as Managing Partner for Access America Enterprise Corporation. Omarosa is smart, witty, and known for being extremely difficult, but she is also turning over a new leaf and fulfilling her calling of preaching the gospel. She is currently enrolled in seminary school pursuing a Doctor of Ministry degree. For more information about Omarosa, visit

View sneak peak preview of the reality show here. Also check out the short interview (here) we had with Rawsrvnt about the TV show

To keep up with the Raw Boy of South Florida as he continues to make moves, visit

Rawsrvnt’s 5th studio album No Ordinary Love is now available on all major digital outlets (iTunes, Amazon, eMusic, etc.) and features Rawsrvnt’s take of Sade’s award winning No Ordinary Love with the Gospel Diva herself Lisa McClendon. No Ordinary Love also includes the hit singles On Fire, The Almighty, & Speak with Bobby Tinsley.

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