Urban Missionary Tour 2010 feat. Thi’sl, k-Drama, J’Son, Pro

When we think of missions or missionaries, we most likely will think of going outside the country or people that go outside the country to do missions. There maybe a small amount of people that thinks of the existing mission field at their jobs, schools, the Starbucks, carwash or right out side of their front door. For that very reason X Hustler Music LLC, founder Travis Thi’sl Tyler has teamed up this summer with K-Drama, J’son, Pro and Dj Morph to bring you, “The Urban Missionary Tour.”

With more than 24,650 new churches started in 2009 alone and over 10,000,000 church members registered in the U.S., you would think that there would be a flood of missionaries living throughout the communities of the America, but there aren’t.

This summer prepare to be ignited by five of Christian rap’s “Urban Missionaries” as they bring the “Good News” to a city near you.

If you’d like more information about booking “The Urban Missionary Tour,” please send your request to booking@xhustlermusicnow.com


Written by Rapzilla

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