Ruslan is really pushing it right now in terms of work ethic, he’s grinding like never before. He released ‘The Freequel’ then went on to release ‘Scratching the Surface’ with his crew Gallery Drive, and here we are with ‘Right Out Loud (The Prequel)’. The 9-track EP features original production from DJ Rek, Sean P, Exile and much more, with guest rhymes from Braille, BlameOne, etc.

This being an EP, the artist only has so much time to reach the listener and Ruslan does it with this EP. From the “Intro” to the single “Nothing in Particular” Ruslan does a good job of engaging the listener. “Intro” is where Ruslan breaks down the barriers and allows the listener to see him as a man following Christ, one that is flawed and is working on improving his walk with Christ everyday. Production on this track and most of the EP in general will melt your face off with bangers filled with nothing but heat, adding to the emotion of the EP.

Blame One and Braille of Lightheaded make an appearance on the track “Domesticated” which covers the struggles and good times of being a dad. This track reminds me a lot of Theory Hazit’s “You Are” off the ‘Modern Marvels’ album. The three emcees take pride in their behavior as fathers and this will make any father just man up and reflect on raising their children to the best of their ability.

“Alright” was my favorite track off of this EP. The track had chill production by DJ Pound with a message we all need to hear. In society these days we’re a country filled with worries from the economy to our education. Ruslan puts it simply on this track, stating it will all be “Alright”. Now just when you think the track is about to end Ruslan comes back and basically says support the artists that work their hearts and soul out to put their music out there. Buy their music and go to their shows!

So remember when I said this EP brings the heat, well a prime example of this is “Follow Us” which features Ruslan’s partner in crime Beleaf (of theBREAX) along with Regg Henry and Deacon Blair. Honestly it’s cypher time and all four of the emcees take the mic and set it ablaze with clever on point lyricism. Fabe kills the production with a somewhat up-tempo transition in the chorus. Beleaf handles the chorus and this is one that will get your head bopping and repeating the chorus over and over again.

The EP is solid and I always say EPs are either A: Classic B: Average or C: Don’t even bother! Ruslan kills it on this EP. You can just hear the honesty and worship he has for life and his walk with Christ. Do yourself a favor and buy this album, throw it in your stereo and get ready for nothing but the Hip Hop that praises the Lord and encourages positivity.

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Label: Eye Am Productions

Release Date: 4/20/10

1. Intro (produced Fabe)
2. Hated for who I Am (produced by Sean Hunter)
3. Ain’t Ready (produced & cuts by DJ Rek)
4. Domesticated (feat. Blame One & Braille, produced by Exile, cuts by Shortop)
5. Alright (produces by DJ Pound)
6. Custom Fitted (produeced by Sean P)
7. Color of her soul (feat. NOVA produeced by Sound Collage Musik)
8. Follow Us (feat. Beleaf of theBREAX, Regg Henny, Deacon Blair produced by Fabe)

9. Nothing in Particular (produced by DJ Rek)