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LMNO ‘Next In Line’ produced by Dert

LMNO ‘Next In Line’ produced by Dert

Visionaries member LMNO continues his epic run of 10 albums in 2010 with his third release of the year, ‘Next In Line,’ completely produced by California based beatmaker extraordinaire, Dert.

On top of having released numerous critically acclaimed instrumental solo albums and being the in-house producer for Tunnelrats Music since 1999, Dert most notably flexed his boom-bap magic on KRS-One’s album Life (2006), producing the entire album, considered by many fans of “The Blastmaster” to be one of his best albums. Over the years, Dert has created a loyal following, forging an eclectic mix of afro-rhythm, synth-heavy soul, and of course, raw hip-hop.

‘Next In Line’ out 4/13/2010

Track Listing:
1. Next In Line
2. Get Up
3. In Love
4. No Jam No DJ
5. Blaze of Glory
6. Resilient
7. On the Move
8. LD on the Cut
9. See You Later
10. Good Book
11. Graced by Grace
12. Innocence


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