La Familia Muzik Commences Planetary Invasion Apr. 20, 2010

On Apr. 20, 2010, La Familia Muzik invades Earth’s planetary airwaves with their new two-disc effort, Greetings Earthlings, a compilation album featuring the entire La Familia Muzik 2010 roster. Introducing new artists Adam Gilley and G-86 alongside La Familia Muzik mainstays Foolish, Ryan Horton, and SYD, Greetings Earthlings relaunches the indie label into 2010 and beyond. Following four successful full-length album releases since the label’s inception in Jan. 2006, La Familia Muzik pushes the envelope, not only in their creativity and innovation, but in their passion to see people impacted by the message of their music. Greetings Earthlings, undoubtedly the label’s strongest release to date, sets the tone for La Familia Muzik’s future projects while at the same time giving listeners a solid introduction to the independent label’s expanding roster.

Disc one debuts fifteen brand-new songs featuring Becky Janssen, Cheno Lyfe, D-M.A.U.B., Gammage, GL, and Lisa McClendon alongside production from Adam Gilley, Don Tony, Foolish, G-Styles, and Verse. Includes the singles “I Give It To You,” “Anything For Fashion,” “Falling Through,” and “Energy.”

Disc two, exclusively available in hardcopy format, boasts three additional new songs featuring K-Drama and Kenny Semien in addition to five remixed/remastered singles from previous L.F.M. projects. Disc two includes the techno-fused “I Give It To You Remix” as well as past fan-favorites “”Get To You,” “Holy God,” “Krew Is Wild,” “The Hunger’s Back,” and “Dip.”

Greetings Earthlings releases worldwide via digital outlets (iTunes, Amazon, Rhapsody, Napster, etc.) on Apr. 20, 2010. Pre-orders for the exclusive two-disc version of the project will be available only at

Disc One Track Listing:
1. Energy (Adam Gilley feat. Foolish)
2. I Give It To You (La Familia Muzik)
3. Let Us Go (SYD)
4. Back To Life (Foolish)
5. Nomad (G-86)
6. Tonight (Foolish)
7. Reward (Ryan Horton feat. D-M.A.U.B.)
8. Void (Adam Gilley)
9. Falling Through (Foolish feat. Becky Janssen)
10. Hurricane (Ryan Horton feat. Lisa McClendon)
11. Anything For Fashion (SYD feat. Adam Gilley)
12. Alien (G-86)
13. Home (SYD feat. Cheno Lyfe and GL)
14. Crash Me Down (Foolish)
15. Oxygen (Foolish feat. Gammage)

Disc Two Track Listing:
1. I Give It To You Remix (La Familia Muzik)
2. Tear It Down (Adam Gilley feat. K-Drama)
3. Lost In You (G-86 feat. Kenny Semien)
4. The Hunger’s Back (SYD feat. Ryan Horton)
5. Holy God (SYD feat. Ryan Horton)
6. Get To You (SYD feat. Ryan Horton)
7. Krew Is Wild (La Familia Muzik)
8. Dip (SYD feat. Carlito P.)

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Chad Horton

Written by Chad Horton

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