Interview – Diggy Simmons: Down With The King

Rapzilla: Diggy how you doing bro? This is Chad with
Diggy: aye what’s goin on man

Rapzilla: First off, congrats on getting signed.
Diggy: thanx man

Rapzilla: I know your time is short, so I’ll jump right into it.

Rapzilla: I’ve heard the haters saying you had help from your father to get the record deal. Having a father who is connected and whether he helped get you the deal or not, is irrelevant. You are talented enough to gain this buzz and a deal from a major in this climate. So congrats! I grew up as a fan of RUN DMC, and love Run’s House. It’s crazy to be talking to the SON of Rev Run after growing up on his music. When I was your age I didn’t want to hear anything but hip hop. Hip hop was great in the 80’s and early 90’s! All that to say, are you at an age, or maturity level that you can truly appreciate your dad’s music?
Diggy: Well, yeah man definitely. It’s something I’ve grown up on since I was very young so I do appreciate it.

Rapzilla: Your father spit some of the dopest lyrics in hip hop! Are you a fan of their music and/or do you know any of his verses?
Diggy: Yeah man definitely. As I said, I grew up on it so I’m familiar with a whole lot of it.

Rapzilla: So you recently got signed to Atlantic Records, on your birthday right?
Diggy: Ya, well I signed the day after.


Rapzilla: Close enough right?
Diggy: Of course, probably the best birthday present I’ve received (in which was worked for by me).

Rapzilla: Care to disclose any details on the signing? Number of albums, etc.?
Diggy: Mmmmm… the contract details are under wraps.

Rapzilla: I can respect that. Anyone that you are shooting for that you want on the album? Producers or emcee’s?
Diggy: hmmmm… I think a dope collab as in producers would be Just Blaze and as in emcee’s I think Lupe would be a cool one.

Rapzilla: No doubt! I saw your recent appearance on 106th & Park. You seemed a bit nervous. Was that your biggest TV appearance?
Diggy: Mmmm… nah I actually wasn’t so nervous, and I can’t think of the biggest because it’s definitely been many over the years.

Rapzilla: I read your interview with VIBE and you said you “… keep it real, PG…”. Is that because you are 15 and you are doing so out of respect for your parents, or do you think that is a value you’ll hold as you get older as well?
Diggy: Only time will tell with what comes up in life as time goes on, and yeah right now I do it out of the respect for my self and family. But as you know the music isn’t so PG to where it’s like bubble gum poppy.

Rapzilla: Right, I was specifically referring to you not cursing in your lyrics. Which I respect.
Diggy: Thanks man.


Photo by J.Shotti for GLMJS Photography

Rapzilla: is dedicated to promoting hip hop by Christians, or “Christian hip hop”. Did you know Christian hip hop existed? If so, have heard anyone that you like?
Diggy: Yeah, I definitely know it’s in existence, and I don’t listen to too much of it though, though I grew up in church listening to gospel music.

Rapzilla: Being we are dedicated to promoting Christian hip hop, what sparked this interview was the part of your verse in the “Made You Look (Flow Stoopid)” video: “… still God fearin’ / filled with the Holy Spirit / so I’ma fly like an angel / and none of ya’ll even near it …”. Can you elaborate on those lyrics?
Diggy: Well I said “Independent appearance is the way that I’m appearing, I did it without my parents, and then afterward those lines came basically saying, though I’m doing this without them it’s because of God I am as far as I am now.

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Rapzilla: Those are bold lyrics for someone in the national limelight: “… still God fearin’ / filled with the Holy Spirit…” So then you would say that you are a Christian?
Diggy: Oh yeah, of course. I grew up in a Christian church.

Rapzilla: Awesome. Glad to hear it! Do you attend church on the regular?
Diggy: Yes, from time to time.

Rapzilla: You have a great reach with the platform you’ve been blessed with, so hopefully you are able to use it to reach some people, both fans and industry people with lyrics like that.
Diggy: Yes sir.

Rapzilla: To change course a bit … I personally think hip hop isn’t what it used to be. I grew up in a special time and grew with hip hop. From a younger persons perspective, what is your view of the hip hop landscape today?
Diggy: Man, I mean there are some great emcee’s out there and hopefully the new ones coming up and older names will be able to set Hip Hop to a better stand point.

Rapzilla: What are your top 5, dead or alive?
Diggy: Nas, Pac, Lupe, Kanye, Eminem.

Rapzilla: So with a lot of work on your plate, and close to finishing high school, do you have aspirations to go to college?
Diggy: Well as of right now I’m a freshman, and man only time will tell depending on how busy I’ll be with my ventures in music and fashion.

Rapzilla: Is your mom pushing for college or is she just supporting you efforts with music and fashion?
Diggy: Supporting me in anything I do man as long as the decision is a smart one.

Rapzilla: That sounds like a good mom.
Diggy: Yeah man, I definitely don’t take my parents for granted because some people only have one or none.

Rapzilla: You are right. I respect that. Speaking of fashion, tell the people the name of your company and any info that you want out there.
Diggy: The name of my shoe company is Chivalrous Culture and they release in August.


Rapzilla: Do you have a website up for that yet?
Diggy: No not as of yet but be on the look out for it.


Rapzilla: Will do. Thank you for taking the time to talk to us. I know we aren’t Vibe or 106th & Park, so thank you. We hope that you keep including messages of Christ in your lyrics and that he continues to bless you and keep you humble through this journey.

I hope that we can keep the line of communication open, and we’ll feed you quality hip hop that is being done by Christians to achieve Rapzilla’s mission to further Christ, and Christian hip hop. To leave you, I’ll drop a few Christian hip hop gems on you to check out …
Japhia Life “Does Anybody Know” and …
Kaboose feat. Royce da 5’9″ “Goin’ Outta Control”

Diggy: Thank you! Have a great rest of your day man.

Rapzilla: Thanks Diggy … keep hustlin!

You can stay up on Diggy at his blog, follow him on Twitter, or follow his shoe company on Twitter.

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