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DJ Official is one of Holy Hip Hop’s most notable producers. Widely known for being The Cross Movement’s DJ in the late 90″s, he has been wracking up production credits for well over a decade. After the disbanding of CM, he gained new found recognition for producing songs such as “100” and “Eyes Open,” in addition to being the tour DJ for the 116 Clique. With his debut album DJ Official chooses to stay behind the boards while putting a pressing message on center stage with the help of a few friends. Entermission is centered on the Great Commission and the practical fulfillment of it in the everyday life of believers. The album opens with Dr. Eric Mason stating “The Christian by identity is a missionary, we don’t just do missions. That’s the most important thing to understand… missions is who [we] are.” The songs that follow this intro seek to ensure listeners will never forget that essential truth. From the radio favorite “Show Off” ft. Lecrae and Flame to the break-neck rhyme patterns of “GO” with new-comers H.G.A. and Reach Records own Tedashii, each artist expresses their passion to preach the cross to the loss and hope that bones will catch ablaze with the same fuel.

This album excels musically because of its fantastic production urging each of the artists to bring forth their best offerings. Entermission presents listeners with a seemingly endless diverse blend of music, from the reggae influenced “Love Fallen” with Jahaziel to the blaring electric guitar of Sho Baraka’s “Chaos” no two songs sound the same. The sonic diversity makes this album seem like it was produced by a slew of beatsmiths instead of just one. There are also a slew of musical interludes between songs that help further shape the vibe of the cd. DJ Official even dares to show that he is not only limited to the realm of boom-bap as he voyages into the melodic “Nothing Without You” and “Forward Me,” featuring singers J.R. and Cam respectfully, with amazing results.

The problem with compilation albums is they tend to be either dull or disconnected because of too many features and a lack of conceptual cohesion. However, this is not an issue with Entermission as each and every artist surprisingly stays focused and on topic. One of the album’s most compelling songs is the previously mentioned “Forward Me” where Cam volunteers to be God’s living text message being sent to even those without cell phones. The goal of this album is clearly to inspire other to do the same. However, it is important to remember missions is not just something you go on it is who you are! We are carefully reminded of this truth by God’s Servant on the stellar “Missio Dei” that “missions aint taking a trip to nations or tracks passed out passed on the strips of pavements” instead it’s a life wholly submitted to Christ and lived out in an evangelistic fashion.

Though, Entermission is a fantastic album, it is not without a misstep or two. “Love Fallen” ft. England born Jahaziel, Gems, and Benjah is your typical blend of reggae and rap with very lackluster results. It’s not necessarily a bad song just an average song that feels out of place on an album filled with great innovative songs. Another rare low point is Trip Lee’s “Get Busy” while most of the production on the album sounds unique and fresh, this track follows the typical template for trunk rattling southern music. This song would probably be a stand out on any another album but is easily forgotten on an album with so much great music. Apart from these hiccups this is definitely an album that you will play straight through time and time again.

With Entermission DJ Official did much more than cement his legacy as a producer. Through this album he has sounded a timeless call to live out the Great Commission that will be ringing in the ears of Christians for years to come. You need to do more than just buy this album and listen to it. You MUST buy it, listen to it, and then go live it out. May God grace us with the strength to enter mission each and everyday of our lives as we seek to make Him known.

Label: Reach Records

Release Date: December 26, 2009

1. Enter The Mission – Dr. Eric Mason, DJ Official, R-Swift
2. Show Off – Lecrae & Flame
3. Use Me – Tedashii
4. Streets of New York – J.A.Z. & Magellen
5. Get Busy – Trip Lee
6. Go – H.G.A. & Tedashii
7. Not My Own – Stephen The Levite, Phanatik, Evangel
8. Love Fallen – Gems, Jahaziel, Benjah, Dillavou
9. Nothing Without You – JR & Lecrae
10. Chaos – Sho Baraka
11. Chisel Me – Thi’sl, Json, K-Drama, Tedashii
12. On My 116 – Lecrae, Tedashii, Sho Baraka, Trip Lee
13. Streets of Philadelphia – Mac The Doulos, Young Joshua, Ackdavis, R-Swift
14. Missio Dei – God’s Servant
15. Forward Me – Cam
16. Outro (Thank You)

Chad Horton

Written by Chad Horton

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