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Manafest ‘The Chase’

Manafest ‘The Chase’

The Chase (3-30-10), the highly anticipated fourth full-length album from Juno nominee Manafest, comes out as his most aggressive and sonically evolved record to date. Manafest has been organically building his fan base for the last 6 years playing hundreds of shows on three continents. In 2006 Manafest released Glory from which the rock anthem “Impossible” featuring Trevor McNevan of Thousand Foot Krutch becoming a global hit.

Following up in 2008 with Citizens Activ, Manafest garnered multiple TV and movie placements and increased his overall presence in the US and Internationally. The Chase, produced by Adam Messinger (Chris Brown and Brandy) hits with twelve tracks of gritty guitars and aggressive rhymes fusing rock and rap styles.

Official tracklisting:

1. No Plan B
2. Fire In The Kitchen
3. Supernatural
4. Every Time You Run
5. Bring the Rukus
6. Avalanche
7. Married In Vegas
8. Renegade
9. The Chase
10. Better Cause of You
11. Breaking Down these Walls


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