Japhia Life’s ‘Nazareth’ coming soon

Japhia Life is readying his third album titled ‘Nazareth’ for a late March/April release date. Above, you see the simple yet classy finalized cover art. Keep checking back for more info on this release. We have two tracks from Nazareth for you to check out here. Also, check out the track listing after the jump!

1. Close My Eyes (Prod by: Kid Classic)
2. Desperados (Prod by: Saint Man) feat. Rob Hodge, S.O.G. & Linkz Virus
3. Mama’s House (Prod by: Kid Classic) feat. Tru Knowledge, & Rita Fields
4. Crack House Blues (Prod by: Kid Classic)
5. Think What We Had (Prod by: Kid Classic)
6. Upside Down (Prod by: Kid Classic)
7. Does Anybody Know (Prod by: Chris Batson)
8. I’m Needing You (Prod by: Chris Batson)
9. Don’t Keep Me Waiting (Prod by: Saint Man & Elvin “Wit” Shahbazian)
10. Pain (Prod by: Kid Classic)
11. I Wanna Go (Prod by: J Rippa for Lambworxs)
12. One Shot (Prod by: Saint Man & Japhia Life)
13. Moment in Time (Prod by: Chris Batson)

Bonus Track:
14. Turn My Back (Prod by: Saint Man & Japhia Life)


Written by Rapzilla

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