Rapzilla.com presents the Hip Hop for Haiti Live Stream benefit concert to help the churches in Haiti rebuild and reach out again. In partnership with Don’t Waste Your Life, Reach Records, Lamp Mode Recordings, and Club 3 Degrees. A concert with Lecrae, DJ Official, Flame, Json, and DJ Essence. Please donate! 100% of the proceeds will go directly to Churches Helping Churches.

Watch live tonight 8PM CST, stream starts at 7:30PM to 10:30PM CST.




  • Xay Hill ft. Bizzle & Canon – One In A Million

    Christian Rap artist Xay Hill teamed up with Bizzle and Canon for a new single called “One In A Million.” ” “This song is to uplift those that feel they’ve been working hard and seeing no result! God has you and He sees your progress!” Stream or Buy this song on any platform here. Listen to Xay Hill below: l

  • Reconcile Signs Artist B-ALIVE to Revolutionaries Label; Get to Know Him

    Reconcile is one of the most recognized faces in the Christian rap community because of his commitment to discipleship and reaching the streets for the kingdom. Now, his ministry is expanding as his label Revolutionaries has just signed B-ALIVE. Here’s what you need to know. B-ALIVE is a Philadelphia-based hip-hop artist who joins the label on a partnership deal that provides marketing support to established independent artists. While B-Alive has had a great rapport with Reconcile, he was also drawn to the partnership to aid in building out a new segment of hip-hop, which Reconcile dubs as “Street Gospel.” “B-Alive […]

  • Andy Mineo: ‘Heroes for Sale’ & the Remix Contest that Kickstarted Careers

    Andy Mineo and his Reach Records debut album Heroes for Sale dropped eight years ago today. Although it isn’t a 10 year anniversary, Andy has been quite nostalgic about the project and it was a reminder of a great time for Christian rap and Rapzilla as well. In September of that same year, Andy, Reach, and Rapzilla partnered together to do a competition for an exclusive remix project for that album (Free Download). The project then dropped in April of the following year. Some producers who are mainstays in the culture now got their first big break because of this. From the […]

  • Gerry Skrillz – Already Know ft. Xay Hill

    Gerry Skrillz joined forces with Rapzilla and Xay Hill on the release of “Already Know”. The collaborative song is a whole vibe that delivers a crucial message of hope. Failures and hard times can leave us discouraged but God sees our true identity beyond the dark moments. Stream/Buy this song here. Listen to Gerry Skrillz below: l

  • Christian Rap Album Drops [April 16th] (Listen Here)

    There were a few Christian rap album drops today and we gathered them right here for you. Which projects caught your ear? J. Crum Kody Free Water by Kody Free Mitch Darrell  Let us know which Christian rap album you’re listening to today? l

  • Christian Rap Song Drops [April 16th] (Listen Here)

    Christian rap had a lot of single drops today so we rangled up some of the best ones for our playlists. Let us know which ones you’re listening to today! Some of the names are Wande, Jon Keith, Mission, tylerhateslife, and more! Listen to the Christian Rap Playlists Below:  Here’s the main playlist: l