Soldier Sound Records recording artist, Pettidee has been well known to fans around the world for well over ten years. He is a Grammy and Stellar award nominated producer for acts like Grits and I-Rocc. Even his last album, “Resurrections” was nominated for a Stellar Award for Gospel Hip Hop Album of the Year. You’ve heard his songs in television programs like “Pimp My Ride” and “America’s Next Top Model” as well as movies like “Tyler Perry’s Meet The Browns” and the upcoming film starring Forrest Whittaker, “Hurricane Season.” This all adds up to a career as an emcee and minister of the gospel that demands your attention so prepare yourselves for a new journey with Pettidee as he takes you on a “Race 2 Nowhere.”

The new album from Pettidee “Race 2 Nowhere” has been an incredible ride for him not only personally but spiritually as well. Pettidee was at a point of throwing in the towel after dealings in the music business went south quickly but, that’s when God spoke to him and gave him a renewed vision and plan for the future to continue doing what God had called him to; which is making music and using it as a tool to spread the gospel to the nations. Pettidee talks about the project in this way, “This is the album that is finally all me every bit of it. It’s the strongest, universally diverse album I’ve ever made and it features everything from the dirty south style to rock, a hint of jazz, and even bit of crazy digital thrown in it’s got something for everyone.

The mixture of these musical styles and being raised in south Florida has given me a whole new sound of what I call “Quad-Rock” which will be the new sound for 2010. And lyrically the album is so transparent it’s actually what I call a “Newscast” it’s relevant to the times of what’s going on in the world. Everything from relationships, the economy, to people looking around to everything for their fulfillment except for Christ.”

The first single, “The Ghetto” is being added to radio stations across the country so be on the lookout for it as well as a music video to follow. The first music video off the album is called “Fly” which is featured in the upcoming film, “Light, Streets of Redemption” should be hitting television programs across the country very soon so start requesting it now. Pettidee “Race 2 Nowhere” will be distributed by Infinity Music Distribution and hits retail stores January 26th 2010.