DJ Official’s debut album entitled “EnterMission” is available now in stores and online. After producing for over 10 years and serving as a traveling deejay, DJ Official finally has the opportunity to display the full range of his skill-set with his debut album entitled “EnterMission”. Released on December 26th, 2009 through Reach Records, the album’s main goal is to challenge believers to carry out the important assignment of the Great Commission (Matt 28:19) and the Great Commandment (Luke 10:27). Build the Church, reach the lost, and exalt the King.

“I wanted to create a cd that people could use as a tool and be excited about. I remember my pastor talking about being missional and living missional. Letting people around you know about GOD in your walk and talk. Not just overseas but in your own backyard”- DJ Official

Over 20 artists from around the globe collaborate with Official on “EnterMission” to communicate what it means to follow God as a people on mission to reflect His love to the world. Featured artist include Lecrae, Flame, Sho Baraka, JR, Tedashii, Trip Lee, R-Swift, Thi’sl, Jahaziel, and more. Listeners can expect 18 tracks solely produced by DJ Official with a sonic appeal ranging from hip-hop, drum & bass, to reggae and R&B.

“As a general rule, though, deejays are heard and not seen. With the release of Entermission, DJ Official may very well threaten that notion, propelling the deejay into the limelight”- C.E. Moore

Consumers can purchase three different versions of “EnterMission”: the full length CD, the Vinyl version, and the Deluxe version, which comes with extras. It is available on itunes and physical versions can be purchase at