Remembering Enock 07/12/74 – 10/17/09

Enock also known as Juan James and founding member of the Cross Movement, the crew he left in 2000. He released his solo debut AWEthentic in 2003. Juan James passed away on Saturday morning, October 17th, 2009 due to a heart attack. Keep his family in your prayers.

Rob Hodge shares “Let me first say that I am heartbroken on the Passing of Juan James a.k.a. Enoch. I just talked to Juan 3 weeks ago, wow. Many don’t know but we both went to Simon Gratz High School in Philadelphia together. I knew him from the streets of North Philly way before Christian Hip Hop. He was a genuine brother. Always kept it 100 every time you would see him. He was a passionate Man of God that was very transparent. He used to talk to me about the disappointment he had with the Christian Hip Hop genre. All the slander, backbiting, hypocrisy and fakeness that has infected the culture. His pure desire was to truly walk with God and impact the world. I’m blessed and privileged to say I have known this Man of God. I issue a challenge to not just to the Christian Hip Hop community but to us as children of God. Most of our so-called “beefs” with each other over various reasons is pure vanity and in the end meaningless. I pray in the midst of all our many different personalities, doctrines and backgrounds…. we can keep in focus that Christ said the “World” will KNOW we belong to Him by the LOVE we show to each other. Not how many bible verse you know, what bible school you attended and how on point your fellowship is in comparison to other churches, but by the simple attribute of Genuine love for you fellow brother in Christ. May God bless Juan’s wife and family, you have my prayers. To the whole Cross Movement family I love you and praying for you as well. RIP Juan James a.k.a. Enoch…. See you when I get there…..”


Written by Rapzilla

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