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Lil Prophet releases “Versatile”

Lil Prophet releases “Versatile”

Lil Prophet has just dropped his new sophomore album “Versatile.” The album has been produced by Pettidee, K-Drama, and PRO. Versatile features new hit singles like “I Go Hard” featuring Pettidee and Bonafide of GRITS and “Stupid Crazy Crunk”; these hits have been climbing the Holy Hip Hop charts. “Hulk Hogan On’em” has been #1 on holyhiphop.org for 12 consecutive weeks.

Lil Prophet speaks out about his new project he replies: “The album consists of music that reaches everyone. As Christian artists we must be different; able to go outside the box with our ministry by being Versatile.

One of my main goals for this album is to take personal situations that one might deal with and bring them to reality; things that people deal with on a daily bases such as low self esteem, depression, peer pressure, rape, financial stability and salvation.

This album is geared especially toward the youth; our youth today are being bogged down by the secular industry and it is my job to be relevant in my music to grab their attention with banging beats and the true revelation of the Word of God.

As Ministers we are here for the Perfecting of the body of Christ, correcting certain areas that need work and doing it in a way that will encourage and uplift the people of God. We have to be Versatile! What all can we do for the Lord? Do it all.”

This year “Versatile Tour” coming to a city near you!

For more about Lil Prophet visit realwordrecords.com.



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