After the unexpected remix revolution of “Air Jordan”, K-Drama has decided to release a collection of self-produced instrumentals entitled “K-Drama Beats Volume 1: Decade of Drama.”

This groundbreaking anthology of music beds will include instrumentals produced by K-Drama which have been featured on various solo albums and mixtapes he has released from his record label, T.H.I.S. Click Records over his 10 year career. Beats to be included on this CD are “Air Jordan”, “Let Freedom Bang”, “I’m Good” & more. Also included will be 1 exclusive instrumental that is not featured on any album & 1 exclusive K-Drama song.

This project is set to release October 28th, 2009. It will be available on,, The Bus Shop & more outlets. K-Drama plans on releasing several more beat CDs including instrumentals he’s rapped on that he didn’t produce and instrumentals that he has produced for other artist.

“Unfortunately, there is a scarcity of Christian Rap instrumentals available for mixtapes” says K-Drama. “But hopefully this CD will provide the artist who desires not to use worldly rappers’ instrumentals an opportunity to remix songs made by a Christian Rap artist.”