Victory in Tragedy – A Personal Story

Ever had one of those days where everything’s going your way? Then outta no where it’s like everything gets rearranged. It’s kinda like that feeling you get when you bite into a piece of pineapple expecting it to be sweet and then it’s bitter. I mean…yuck! The feelings horrible. You feel disappointed, robbed, violated. It’s just not cool. The pineapple was supposed to be sweat man. What’s up with that? What happened? Circumstances happened. That’s what happened.

In life things happen to us and we often wonder why. A lot of things in life we bring upon ourselves because of choices we make. What’s so cool about God is, He has a great way of using those choices to teach us lessons to help us to improve our character, our relationships, our wisdom, our decision making, etc. But some thing’s are just a total plot from the enemy to get us off track from what were supposed to be doing and where were supposed to be going.

ImageEnter one of those days with me. August 25, 2009 was such an exciting day for not only myself, but my entire ministry and so many folks worldwide. We at Soul Deep Ministries officially released the “Ring That Campaign” that featured the “Ring That” video along with the ringtone and a killer T-Shirt (pre-orders available Tuesday 9/22 on the release date for the “Tears 4 Peers video). I think the “Ring That Campaign” is so cool because it’s a campaign geared to help people share their faith with others by simply letting their phone ring. Since just about everyone now a days has a cellphone and a ringtone that goes with it, we thought it would be cool if every time your phone rang your faith was shared with others. Of course we all know that when a phone rings it usually stops conversations dead in their tracks so this ringtone would definitely give you opportunities to share your faith with others and spark up talk about your Savior. Anyways, to join and learn more about the “Ring That Campaign” visit today!

So back to my day filled with rejoicing… The video premiered on (an online Christian Hip-Hop Magazine) where thousands of people were able to be impacted and interrupted by this statement “Jesus is my Savior ring that on your cellphone!” It was great. The album was also carried exclusively on (a digital download store specializing in Christian Hip-Hop, Christian Rap, and R&P music) where a community of believers were instantly exposed to this creative way of evangelism. We were getting great responses throughout the day. It was so exciting!!

Then as I headed home to change clothes so I could hit the gym, I continued in my state of worship thanking God for such a great idea and opportunity to share Him with people. I parked at my Condo and started heading up the stairs. Before I made it up there I noticed some water that looked like it was spilling underneath the garages below me. I thought nothing of it and just kept walking. I did think it a little odd but paid it no mind ’cause I was focused on rejoicing.


Anyways…I walked upstairs and saw some water that looked like it came outta my house. Of course I thought that couldn’t be from my place because I didn’t leave any water running. So I thought maybe my neighbors cats brought her a present and left it on my door mat and my neighbor washed it off with a hose or something. (It’s happened plenty before…she has cats and for some reason they bring their kill to her as presents. i.e. lizards, rats, birds…you get the point.) Anyways, I opened my front door and what did I see? The sink was on full blast and water was running over all over the floor. I took like 5 steps and I was in a half an inch of water. I had one of those “pinch me I must be dreaming moments” because I couldn’t believe it.

Come to find out, my cleaning lady left the sink stopper in the sink and the water running for well over 3 hours. I couldn’t believe it. I mean how could she be so foolish? Why couldn’t she hear the water running when she locked up? And what the heck am I gonna do with all this water in my house? It was a horrible feeling. At this point I rather bite into a sour pineapple. At least I could spit it out and get a new one. LOL!!

ImageWhat I had to do next was painful. For those of you who know me personally, you remember what kinda battle I had getting into that place, the time I spent revamping the whole pad, and then the more time I wasted revamping the pad because the folks that were doing the work on it messed up, etc., etc., etc. Anyways, man…oh how this sucks!!! I immediately called my Spiritual Pops’ wife and she referred me to a company who specializes in taking care of flooded houses. I called my family, my friends, the cleaning lady, etc. to help me out too. I was totally frustrated and totally didn’t want to have to deal with that right then. I mean…I wanted to hit the gym man!! LOL!!

So the repair crew got there and saw the flood and immediately started sucking up the water. Then they ripped out all the baseboards and punched holes in all the walls, etc. to make sure no mildew or mold grew on the inside of the walls because then my problem would be even worse. I was livid to say the least.

After the crew finished demolishing my pad, they left over a half dozen fans, a dehumidifier so my place would dry properly, and a bill for over $3,000.00 (Three Thousand Dollars USD). WOW!!!!!!!!!! That hurt man!!

ImageI know y’all asking why would she do that? Well…let’s just call it ignorance, carelessness, being distracted…y’all get the point. Come to find out, she was actually on her phone and forgot she left the water running and left my crib. Her phone needs to be ringing Jesus right about now man!! LOL!! The tough part about all this (a part from getting evicted while paying my mortgage…LOL!!) she had no insurance and neither did I. So…your boy had to fork out some major cheese (money) that I did not plan to spend. Especially on something like this. Dang…after replacing the baseboards, repainting, rebuying a door, replacing my dressers, and replacing the foot plates for my kitchen cabinets, the expense soared to $5,000.00 (Five Thousand Dollars USD).

Thank God for peace, His provision, my family and friends that we’re willing to help out and the good ol’ Visa card that I’ll have to pay off, I’m back in my place today (Tuesday September 15, 2009) and where I planned to be after I hit the gym the day all this happened…in God’s presence.

I’ma wrap this personal blog up by saying…the only thing that really helped me not fall into a deep depression was knowing God’s love. He would never wish anything like this on me. So since I know His heartbeat I ran to Him for comfort, clarity, wisdom, peace, mercy, etc. and received more than I asked for. He’s the bomb fam!! If the storms of life come your way, or the enemy throws something at you to distract you, keep your focus on the one who loves You perfectly. He always wants the best for you and has given you the victory to rise up and enjoy the life He’s given you. Don’t let some unexpected drama rob you of what’s rightfully yours…God’s peace!! Above the water and in His amazing love and peace…God bless you!!


Written by Rapzilla

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