This past July 2009 Soul Deep Ministries and teamed up to make history by releasing back to back to back to back music videos of some of Rawsrvnt’s hits. The first installment for this exciting, historic event was Rawsrvnt’s hip-hop worship song “Breathe” featuring Lisa McClendon. The reason the Florida Boyz decided to release this video first in their four part series was simply because Raw’s song “Breathe” really sets the tone of his heart and ministry. Rawsrvnt has a passion for seeing people fall in love with Jesus and has stepped up to the plate to led a new style of worship which he deems as “Hip-Hop Worship.” So getcha worship on as you “Breathe.”

The second video released by the Florida Boyz was “Ring That” which recently premiered on August 25, 2009. This song was selected second to equip people with a tool that would help them share their faith with others as easy as letting their phone ring. To join and learn more about the “Ring That Campaign” visit today!

The third video set to be released is “Tears 4 Peers.” This video is currently in the editing suite at studios and is set to premiere on September 22, 2009. This song is dear to both Raw and Spec’s heart as they both do a lot of ministry in their own cities (Tampa, FL & West Palm Beach, FL) and have noticed so many people become victims of societies wrong influences and end up in jail, on the streets with no education, tied up with several kids with several partners as teenagers, or even buried at the cemetery. “Tears 4 Peers” is a cry for society to take a deeper look at themselves and realize that the non-sense that plagues the world today is because of our wrong doings not an act of God. The world has taken the easy way out by blaming God for all the drama that takes place in society instead of manning up and refocusing their lenses on themselves and really seeing that a change needs to take place on how we see God, ourselves and other people.

Soul Deep Ministries hopes this song brings clarity and light to the fact that God is a loving, kind, great and merciful Father and would never wish drama on His children. Instead He has sent redemption thru His Son Jesus and gives us the opportunity to get back to the way life was intended to be…cool and peaceful.

The fourth video will have you bouncing outta your chairs and going wild for Jesus. We will let you know what song it is soon but for now we’ll keep you guessing. Leave your comments and/or thoughts on what song you think will be next.