“About Business” what’s the concept and meaning behind the title?
Man, behind the title is just urgency. We are in a day were people want to impress you, and say all the accolades they have achieved and really boast in their self. I am in a point in my life where I’m just about business. I’m serious about winning souls for the Kingdom, I’m serious about my music, and I’m serious about my walk with Christ. I don’t want to hear anymore talking. I just want people to be about business. Making moves for the Father. NO MORE TALKING.

What do you want to achieve with it?
I want people to be encouraged through the music, charged by the music and really inspired to go out, win souls and grow deeper in their own walk with Christ. I want people to enjoy a hot album and keep their ears open for the punchlines, because you know they are coming. I hope they appreciate the promotion, the music videos, and all that I have put into this project, because I have invested a lot. But, overall, I hope they enjoy music that is meant to uplift the name of Jesus Christ. Lol

How is this album different from your debut? Lyrically and Musically.
Well, musically, I believe I have matured and evolved. Lately, like on the mixtape, I have really been trying to experiment with multiple flows. I love the punchlines but the Midwest and southern boys got me trying different flows. Also, on this album I hopped on a hip-rock beat and that was brand new for me. There are more tracks with singing and also I tried a pop track. I really want to stretch myself and be as universal as possible. Lyrically, I think it was pretty thought provoking. I really dug in and hoped to express urgency and deep thought in a lot of the songs. The problem is, in some of the tracks, they are so fun to listen to, the depth of what is being said is overlooked. Sort of like when Michael Jordan makes a difficult layup look easy, nobody really takes into thought how hard it was because it looked so easy. Like, “The Good Life” is a very deep track about the myth the world throws us about materialism, but its so fun to listen to, people don’t really meditate on it. But that’s just the nature of the beast.

What inspired you during the creation of the album?
Diversity inspired me. I really wanted to try different types of beats and different flows all promoting the same thing. I was inspired by multiple styles of music and artist. Also, I have always enjoyed live instruments, and you can hear this in my beat selection, I love spitting over live instrument sounds as opposed to computer created sounds. But like I said earlier, the main inspiration came from the last days that we are living in. There is no time for self praise, or boasting and prideful boasting. It is time to be about our Fathers business and get His work done.

You’ve released many music videos before the album dropped, any plans for more videos?
Oh yes, I cant give any away this early, but there are plans for more music videos.

Since your debut you kind of came out of nowhere and caught the attention of the Christian Hip Hop scene, we believe it was from your marketing tactics, any comments?
Man if you are going to do something, you should attempt to do it right. I really wanted to just get the word out to people. If people don’t purchase my album because they are not a fan of Humble Tip, than I’m cool with that. But, I do not want people to not get the album because they never knew it existed. That in essence, would be my fault. I really have a business mind and I am constantly thinking of the most effective, cost inexpensive ways to get the word out. And my fans really hold me down man, they do so much advertisement for me and spreading the word and leaving the comments and , man they really hold me down. As of right now, I am independent, so I have to try so much harder to get the word out because I’m a one man army. But its cool, its where God has me for now.

Would you join a label if the opportunity opened?
Man, it would really have to be a God thing. See my vision is to supply this generation with the highest quality of Christ centered hip-hop that I am capable of supplying, and present the Faith to the lost in a quality artistic highly recognized media platform that does not water-down the urgency of repentance at all. If I found a label that had that vision and the connections to support that vision, then I may consider.

Would you start your own if the physical distribution comes through?
Absolutely not. Man, I know how rough this has been just putting out my own product, I do not wish to go through this again for myself, no less someone else.

One thing for sure labels work has changed a lot within the last ten years.
Absolutely, labels are run now so differently now, then they were 10 years ago, or even 5 years ago. But, that’s a whole other story.

For those who might not know, what’s the meaning of your name? And how did you come up with it?
The T.I.P in Humble Tip stands for to increase praise. I’m not saying that I am the most Humble person there is, but I am saying that I attempt to be Humble to increase praise to the Father, because there is absolutely no me without Him. This name is a constant reminder to myself to die to myself everyday and never give into the pride that so easily consumes us on the daily.

How’s school doing at Liberty? What are you studying?
School is beast. I just took a test in my Masters in health and wellness and got a 90 on it, but in the Masters program a 90 is a B and not an A. Its tough trying to juggle ministry, school, and full time work, but its all good. Once again, this is the nature of what I do.

Any last words?
Man, love God, hate sin. I’m just a average everyday dude who can make words rhyme. I just want to lift His name up and be used to the maximum capacity. I gotta die to this flesh everyday and I need the prayers of my fans and those who aren’t my fans. Keep me lifted up in prayer and I hope you all enjoy the album