HipHop is Music is back in effect with it’s first release in years Sojourn “Sojournalism: The Summer Articles.” This is Sojourn’s first official solo album which gives the label owner (Braille) a crazy good feeling. “As a label owner, there is a level of excitement, familiarity and newness happening for me all at once. It’s a trilogy of emotions! I feel excited to be part of something so significant… Sojourn is a veteran among veterans, which may come as a surprise to some listeners but I believe that Sojourn has the type of talent that could have made him a stand out or potential legend during any bubbling era of Hip-hop history if given the right opportunity. The familiarity is also a good feeling for me. Everything from the Brokin nglish artwork to the production roster reminds me of what made “Hiphop IS Music” so fresh during the first couple years of the label. The posse cuts featuring familiar faces from the HHIM roster also brings a smile to my face. The “newness” is the cherry on top.” says Braille.

The release of Sojourn’s album “Sojournalism: The Summer Articles” marks a new chapter in Hiphop IS Music history. The lead single sends the message loud and clear – “let us get back to what we call Hiphop”. Braille continues “It’s what we do!!! We’ve been on hiatus for a couple years, rebuilding and making adjustments. We’ve learned how to survive in this harsh industry climate and our accumulated experiences birthed a sense of confidence and humility to push forward with boldness. Partnering with an artist like Sojourn who we greatly respect and admire makes it all the more rewarding. There is far more to be said about the life and times of Sojourn, but you should listen to his audible journal first, and maybe read a few interviews.

Check out a video posted by Braille picking up the album

The album features production and appearances by Oh No, PNS of the Molemen, S1 of Strange Fruit Project, Future Shock, Dert, BlameOne, Braille, Theory Hazit, Surreal, Sivion and more.

Track listing
1. Welcome intro – beat by Supreme Keys
2. Expectations – beat by Sojourn
3. Get Back – beat by Oh No / cuts by DJ Rip One
4. Art Verses Commerce – beat by Ruslan of The Breax
5. Fool’s Gold – beat by Choice 37
6. Human Resource – beatbox by Sojourn / featuring Big Rec
7. Say Something – beat by Sojourn / cuts by DJ Spark
8. Cause and Effect – beat by PNS of the Molemen
9. Solutionists – beat by Theory Hazit / featuring Sivion and Surreal
10. The Craving – beat by Dert / cuts by DJ Idull
11. Civil War – beat by Theory Hazit / cuts by DJ Spark
12. 10,000 – beat by S1 / featuring Braille and Theory Hazit
13. Definitely Special – beat by Dert
14. Road Less Traveled – beat by Sojourn / featuring BlameOne and Future Shock
15. All Things Considered – beat by Soulution
16. Sojournalism – beat by Sojourn / cuts by DJ Spark