Everywhere we go we constantly hear people’s ringtones going off and sometimes ringing some pretty nasty lyrics. Rawsrvnt has produced a song designed for people to share their faith with others every time their phone rings. “Ring That” boldly challenges those who put their faith in Jesus to let other people know unashamedly that Jesus is their Savior.

This is a creative way of reaching people as everyone pays attention and notices when a phone rings. It almost stops conversations dead in their tracks when a phone rings. This can be a great conversation starter to share your faith with others and spark up talk about your Savior.

Visit RAWSRVNT.COM for your FREE “Ring That” ringtone along with another great ministry tool, the “Ring That” T-Shirt. Now everywhere you go sharing your faith will be as easy as your phone ringing. Hello?!! Won’t you be a part of the campaign? Click here to watch the music video.

For the “Ring That” song and album please visit HolyCultureDownload.com. HolyCultureDownload.com is the exclusive online carrier for the Ring That album and is an online digital download store that specializes in Christian Hip Hop, Christian Rap, and R&P music. We all at Soul Deep Ministries thank you in advance for your support and look forward to hearing how “Ring That” has helped you impact people in your city.