Relic set to release New Album “The Green Light”, Watch EPK

For over fifteen years, Relic has been inspiring audiences with his unique musical style and lyrical bravado. In an age where the Hip-Hop market seems to be fixated on magnifying the persona of ‘Shot callers’ and ‘High Rollers’, Relic has stayed above the fray by ensuring his music and lifestyle remain synonymous. His faith is what helps him stay grounded and humble, and is woven into each of his songs which inspire, and uplift the listener.

Relentless in the studio, and on the mic, Relic has constantly aspired to bring his art to the levels of his musical mentors, which include GrandMaster Flash, EPMD, Mr.C, Pete Rock, The SD‐50s, and a large list of Hip-Hop’s finest which the current generation struggles to remember. Relic’s true love for Hip-Hop culture shines forth in his multi-faceted pool of talent. Although his days as a break dancer are over, and his aspirations to be a club DJ and Graffiti writer have been set aside, Relic has now honed and refined his abilities in other areas of Hip-Hop, namely emceeing and music production. In recent years, he has worked with several musical icons. These include, Hip-Hop super group Deepspace 5 (Gotee/EMI), Braille (HHIM / Syntax), Surreal (HHIM) Sev Statik (Rawkus), and several Canadian Hip‐Hop acts, including Juno Award nominated SHAD K (BBR/Universal), 2 time Grammy nominated Fresh I.E. (Fontana North/Universal) and Tooth&Nail/EMI artist Manafest.

His first self produced album ‘It’s all RELative’ (2006), was filled with organic soulful material, which told us of his hopes, frustrations, and desires. In 2008, the journey continued on his EP “Note to Self”, which gave a fresh perspective of the artist, displaying a growth and maturity in both rhyme style, and beat compositions. Though he calls himself a ‘regular guy’, there is certainly nothing regular about his music. Displaying a profound ability to touch the heart, Relic’s lyrical stanzas remain hard hitting, and move with the precision of a surgeon’s scalpel. These, coupled together with his unique assortment of banging beats and melodic choruses, ensure that Relic’s reputation as a solid “triple threat” remains intact.

Embracing the entrepreneurial spirit, Relic also owns and operates ‘The Reservoir Studio’ where he is able to escape from the world, to create and engineer his musical masterpieces. He most recently mixed a large portion of Shad’s 2007 Juno Award nominated album entitled ‘The Old Prince’, offering up a feature verse, and production on the project . Relic also devotes his time to writing and producing as a part of the following groups – “The Extras” W/ Brotha Soul of the Rhythm Hermits, “Out of Mind” W/Omslaw, “Disk Drive Legends” W/Sean Prominent and “The Co‐op” W/Sev Statik.

Relic’s approach to music is soulful and honest, undergirding his hope to impact and affect the world one listener at a time. His new album entitled “The Green Light” is in the works, and is set to be released in early 2009. Hip Hop audiences wait in anticipation to see what is next for this profound entertainer. Embodying the bold and vulnerable spirit of Hip-Hop culture, Relic is here.

Check out his EPK below and his myspace.


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