Home Press Releases John Reuben Releases “Town Folk” Exclusive Single and Video Through iTunes

John Reuben Releases “Town Folk” Exclusive Single and Video Through iTunes

John Reuben Releases “Town Folk” Exclusive Single and Video Through iTunes

John Reuben and Gotee Records are pleased to announce the upcoming project Sex, Drugs and Self-Control with the release of four videos and audio singles monthly, exclusively through John Reuben - Town Folk - Single - on iTunes. The debut song “Town Folk”, launched today available in both video and audio formats. Shortly after, on August 18, the song and video for “Jamboree” will also be released.

Both videos, directed by Jeremy Hughes for Elevate Pictures, aptly show Reuben’s lighthearted nature, while exploring the ideas he paints in song. “Town Folk” visualizes several Old Testament stories, including Sampson, Daniel and Elijah via the imagery of a traveling circus. “Jamboree” features 4 humorous settings gone wrong.

“This album is full of many questions that I have been struggling with over the past few years,” explains Reuben. “It felt often like there was a tension. Artistry, career and faith seemed to be standing at odds with one another. Sex, Drugs and Self-Control is really about basic questions. Questions like ‘Am I talking about honesty more than I’m actually being honest?’ Everything seems to come back to these questions and trying to understand how art and faith can work together.”

Gotee has chosen to launch this project with these four single video and audio releases, as Reuben has made his name over the years as not only a compelling musical artist, but as a creative visual artist. Since his start as an ice cream vendor in the debut album’s “Do Not” video, to the Fight Club induced duck-duck-goose game in “Doin’,” to a male cheerleader in “Move,” Reuben has developed a dozen iconic characters throughout his career, and these 4 videos continue that track record.

Gotee Records will continue to release one digital song and video exclusive per month exclusively to iTunes on the following schedule:

Town Folk – 7/14
Jamboree – 8/18
Confident – 9/15
Nobenah – 10/20

These singles will be leading up to the release of the full project Sex, Drugs and Self-Control releasing worldwide on December 22, 2009.


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