You’ve been doing this for a long time. Do you still enjoy what you do or does it feel more like a job now (…something that you have to do because it’s how you pay the bills)?
i still have love for the game, if i didn’t i wouldn’t do it anymore.i am a hustler over all so i make the moves i wanna make that makes me happy and content

In your opinion are entertainers role models?
Some are, I really think a role model is a state of mind. there’s a lot of wanna be role models out there with a few hidden demons in their closet.

ImageDo you think they should be?
It really depends on their position, some people are born leaders,some are followers, and some are just feeders.

Knowing that kids look up to and mimic artists do you think the artists should take that into consideration during the writing process or is that not the responsibility of the artist?
kids should follow artists that creatively add to their life and not so much mimic others,its a responsibility as a artist to give your fans the real but at the same time be conscious about what your saying.

Do you see what you do as a platform to uplift people and spread a positive message or is it strictly entertainment?
I have been in the game for a long time, i feel like if I was kickin’ fake knowledge or not being passionate about my music, the fans would instantly pick that up a nd i would just fade away like a one hit wonder.

Do you agree with this statement: “messages are for life coaches, pastors and motivational speakers, not entertainers,” Yes or No, and why?
i dont agree with that, from the moment you wake up until you lay your head down your life is a story of content,history and lessons.we as a people live and learn from past histories of our people, so being in the position that i am i hope my life and work can be looked upon as a message to help someone in the present and future.

On your first record you were very open about your faith as a Muslim. Are you still a part of Islam and does it still impact the songs you write? Or do you hold different beliefs all together now.
my beliefs in a greater spirit has never changed,the trials and tribulations that we all as a people has gone thru has only strengthen it.

ImageWhat can we expect in your upcoming album? How will it be different from previous releases?
I went back to my underground roots, and just went back to what made me what i am today. the fans talked and i listened to me and my producer the legendary traxster went back into the lab and cooked up a bunch of hits. This album is definitely what the fans has been askin’ for, and i felt it was only right to give it to them.

If you were in a small plane that crashed on a desert island and you could only have one other person (Male) with you…would you rather have a DJ, another EMCEE, A b-boy, a beat boxer or a producer with you? why?
producer, rhyme and melody go along with each other. like ink to paper, i need the beat to express my words to life

What accomplishment are you the most proud of in your career?
Being able to provide forme and my family just from my music career all these years, and i have no one but the fans to thank for that

What else do you hope to accomplish?
to create more hits, and for my company GMG Entertainment to be that bridge between independant artists and the consumer

Honestly what do you think of, when you hear the name “Rapzilla”? a company who’s been in the game for a long time still tearin’ it up.

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