116 Clique ’13 Letters Expanded Edition’ Now Available

Reach Records has just re-released the 13 Letters CD with a sample DVD lesson of the 13 Letters Curriculum. The 116 Clique is back with the Groundbreaking new album where rap and the bible collide!

Beats, Rhymes, and the Scriptures…. They mashed them together to create 13 Letters, a hip hop overview of Paul’s letters in the New Testament. Ever wish you had a better understanding of some of the Bible? Now you have a tool that can help you grasp it! Each track breaks down a different book that Paul wrote!

Featuring your favorite artists (Lecrae, Trip lee, Tedashii, Sho Baraka,…) and super hot production, press play on this CD and get themes, verses, cultural context and more brought to life through music! Not only do you get the 13 Letters dissected over beats, but also included on the album are 5 bonus tracks of brand new material.

Make sure you get a copy of this one! Artists: Lecrae, Tedashii, Sho Baraka, Trip Lee, Json, Flame, Shai Linne, 1-Lyfe, and Dillon Chase.* Producers: Tony Stone, NAB, Numinus, and more!

Expanded Edition includes a bonus DVD disc containing:
* Full sample lesson from the 13 Letters Curriculum
* Video lesson for 2Timothy feat. Trip Lee and others
* Leader’s Guide PDF for 2Timothy
* Student Guide PDF for 2Timothy
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Track Listing:
1. Begin with the End
2. Dig In
3. Gospel Music (Romans)
4. Break it Down (1 Corinthians)
5. This is my Heart (2 Corinthians)
6. Justified (Galatians)
7. My City (Ephesians)
8. To Live is Christ (Philippians)
9. Let No Man (Colossians)
10. Keep the Faith (1 Thessalonians)
11. Stand Strong (2 Thessalonians)
12. Instructions (1 Timothy)
13. It’s Yours (2 Timothy)
14. Sound (Titus)
15. Take Em Back (Philemon)
16. Get Loose
17. Evolution
18. Carry Mine

*note: The artists spent major time studying and researching before writing the lyrics. They do not claim to be perfect or infallible in their words. Their prayer is that God would use this project to aid you in understanding His Word and becoming more like Christ.

CD is available at Reach Records official store.

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