Applejaxx , set to release his upcoming album entitled "Born Identity" September 9th 2009, was told by Universal Pictures to "pick another name for the album" due to common law trademark protection.  Proceeding with the album title would be a trademark / lanham act violation which deals with consumer confusion.

  The theme will remain in "Identity in Christ" and the storyline from his mixtape "Databass" but will be under a new title. Applejaxx also has a new sneak Peek of the album, song titled "Green As Luigi." Listen to it at

The context of the song is inspired by James 1:22-23 which says people should be doers of the word and not a hearers only. The song is about following the directions from the Lord, being progressive, walking and not just talking, being active not stagnant and remaining creative in what ever field you are in.