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Viktory - Son of the King

The best part of this job is that I get music a month or two in advance. More often than not, this is a bad idea on the part of the record label. If I get a crappy album, I feel no shame in letting everyone know that fact before they go spend their hard-earned cash in the digital music store. However, on occasion you receive a project that is so good, you do nothing but rub it in the faces in all of your friends who have to wait a little awhile longer to listen to it. And, trust me…I have a knack for making the month feel like an eternity for my friends. Viktory’s Son Of The King is that kind of album.

Viktory’s third album, Son of The King is so swollen with stiff beats, smooth lyrics, and smart instrumentation that I find very little to dislike. Not to sound clichéd but, simply put, this album is “On Fire.”

Title track “Son of The King” starts things out on a mid-tempo beat that will have you unconsciously bouncing your head. It took till halfway through the track for me to figure out why my computer screen kept moving back and forth. This track is Viktory’s ode to the fact that as believers we are royalty and that God is oftentimes waiting for us to join Him in what He is doing in the world. “Livin Lit” establishes the “burning” theme that seems to permeate this project. Thick and syrupy, Viktory walks through this piece with the poise and confidence two successful projects coupled with a godly purpose will earn you. Viktory easily steps over less capable emcees while also providing an example of “how this thing is done.” Still, one never gets the sense that Viktory isn’t humble about his claimed position.

“On Fire” is the lead single off of Son of The King and it is everything you think it is. This is the kind of track that makes me scoff at those who say Christian rap is cheesy. Yes, it was. Sometimes it still is. But, there are those out there who proof that the scene has changed. In fact, “On Fire” is one of those hot numbers that makes it nearly impossible for me to listen to secular rap at all. This is just as good, if not better. Not bad for a track that’s all about being on fire for God.

“Soldier” is a song about, you guessed it, being a soldier for God. I think this track could have used a little more than Viktory gives us, but I like that its included. Christian rap tends to be one of the few genres of music that reminds listeners that there is a spiritual battle going on and Christians are on the frontline. Tedashii’s “Make War” comes to mind. “Get Hot” has a dip-and-creep vibe to it, relying heavily on Vik’s lyricism rather than on the beat. Vik implores people hanging on the fence to make a choice—for Christ or against him. “Get Better” will take the listener back to a simpler time when boys jumped through open fire hydrants and young girls skipped rope on the corne. Sporting a decidedly R&B vibe, Out of Eden’s Lisa Kimmey guests. “Watch Me” is my favorite track on the album. It drips with swagger and manages to haunt the listener at the same time.

I’ve only highlighted a few of the tracks. That doesn’t mean the others aren’t great. There’s just so much about this album to like. Viktory continues to grow as an artist and you owe it to yourself to pick this one up. Son of The King is a strong offering by a skilled rapper and artist.

By the way…I’ve got it. You don’t. Happy waiting.

Release Date: June 16 2009

Label: Viktorious Music

1. Son of the King (produced by Witness)
2. Livin Iiit (produced by J.R.)
3. On Fire (produced by Witness)
4. Soldier featuring Firstborn (produced by Firstborn)
5. What It Look Like featuring Canton Jones (produced by Firstborn)
6. Good thing featuring Marvin Winans Jr. (produced by J. Pierre)
7. Get Hot (produced by Witness)
8. I Wanna Go featuring Boulevard 7 (produced by Linx Kanek)
9. The Church (Interlude)
10. Survive (produced by Witness)
11. Get Better featuring Lisa Kimmey of Out of Eden (produced by J. Pierre)
12. Watch Me featuring Wu10 (produced by Kelvin Wootm aka Wu10)
13. Ghetto Boy featuring Andrea Brown (produced by Saint Man)
14. Rewind featuring La’Crea (produced by Witness)
15. Never Told You featuring Sean Simmonds (produced by Mad Skrews)


Written by Rapzilla

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