Hazakim to drop “Theophanies”

Hazakim will release on June 23rd their sophomore album “Theophanies” with Lamp Mode recordings. Focused on showing Yeshua (Jesus) as the fulfillment of the Messiah, this dynamic duo uses the Jewish Scriptures to prove their point! Infused with traditional Jewish elements, Theophanies brings the Christian faith to the roots of it’s Jewishness.

Track Listing: 01. Intro
02. Fulfillment (Ben Joseph, Ben David)
03. Genesis 18
04. Brace Yourself
05. Shamayim of Gold
06. Salvation Plan Feat. Stephen the Levite
07. Theophanies Interlude
08. Genesis 32
09. Mercy Feat. Muzeone
10. Eighties Mix
11. Heavy Laden Feat. Dwayne O’dell
12. Uncut & Raw
13. Exodus 3
14. Passover Lamb
15. Crucifixion Description
16. Risen Feat. Shai Linne
17. Judges 13
18. Only Hope
19.Kadosh (Conclusion)
20. Summary of the Evidence W/ Dr. Michael B…
21. Outro


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