John Wells - The Tonic - The Dash John Wells aka The Tonic is back after A long hiatus. “The Dash” was pushed back because of various complications including problems with The Tonic’s health.
On “Sin Universal”, The Tonic and R Swift go back and forth about whether there is more sin in the suburbs or if there more on the “block”. The beat is bangin' and of course their flows compliment each other well. The beat is slowed down on “Really Know Me” and Wells gives us a lot to chew on. He raps in the perspective of a dude who is a player, but yet prays and a woman who is a “church girl” with three kids and is sleeping with her boyfriend. He then raps in the perspective of God and asks people to examine their hearts to see if they are truly following Him. This one could definitely strike up some Bible studies and conversations.
The Cross Movement are always challenging believers to examine themselves consistently. So it was great to hear “The Doctor’s Visit” where Wells chops it up with his actual doctor about the anxiety that he dealt with and even talks of having his ups and down as a Christian. Speaking for myself, I tend to relate more to a minister who is transparent and real.
Wells shows his singing chops, (with the help of the auto tune) on “No Time” featuring Earthquake. This is cool departure from his East Coast flavored songs. He enlists the help of rock group Shacach and the Ambassador to deliver one of the best songs on the album, “Deliver Us”. Shacach play all of the instruments and sings the chorus and I cannot get enough of this song. I just want to worship and pray for change when I hear this one.

Cross Movement fans will be overly thrilled to hear “Da Body”. This song is quite the banger and infectious as it is encouraging the body of Christ to really encourage one another and be a strong front. The best part of the song is hearing ex-CM members Cruz Cordero and Enock deliver some heat on their verses. It really is like they never left.

The title track is a smoothed out Rhythm and Praise ditty featuring the nice tone of Latia Johnson. Tonic brings a heavy message of two scenarios of a male and female who wasted their lives and did not give them to God. On the reprise, he speaks and admonishes people to really live for Christ doing the “dash”, which is the time period between birth and death.
“Prayer’s Ball” could have been left out because it just sounds a little lame. Not trying to sound harsh, but this one just does not cut it. With that being said, there are far more hits than there are misses.  You cannot just skim through “The Dash”. This is one that you have to listen and chew on the lyrics and message for a while. I will say that this is well worth the wait. John Wells aka the Tonic impresses and challenges.

Release Date : March 2009

Label: Cross Movement Records

1. Dash In (Intro)
2. The Signature
3. Can't Count Me Out – featuring Iz-Real
4. Sin Universal – featuring R-Swift
5. Really Know Me
6. Dot Dot Dash (Interlude)
7. No Time – featuring EarthQuake
8. Da Body – featuring Cruz Cordero & Enock
9. The Greatest – featuring Ron Jacob
10. Dr. Visit (Interlude)
11. Probably Nothing – featuring Mac the Doulos & TRU-LIFE
12. Who Shot Cha
13. Prayers Ball
14. Don't Start Nothing
15. Deliver Us – featuring Shachah
16. The Dash – featuring La'Tia Johnson
17. Dash Out (Outro)
18. I Am Still! – featuring La'Tia & Keran (Bonus Track)