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D-M.A.U.B., first of all what's the meaning of the name?
Dedicated, Making All Underestimaters Believers! I feel that's what I am here to do. Help people come to believe in Christ Jesus.

How did you come up with the name? What was the process like?
When I was yet saved, I owned a 1978 Cougar. A big, long car! I used to drive real fast, weaving in and out of traffic so my friends used to say "Man…you be 'mobbin' this big car"! So, the name stuck with me. But i wanted to spell it different. But it didn't mean anything until I gave my life to the Lord, then he allowed me to come up with the meaning.

The new album "Urban Legend," why that title?

Since I am from the "urban" areas in my city, I understand that God has enabled me with a way of presenting the gospel to a people who have a "boxed up" mentallity so they can relate to the message. My message and the delivery of my music targets those individuals. That's where 'Urban' comes from. Now 'Legend' is simply because I represent God, who's word is legendary. It has always been here, and will always be. So, since He lives in me, that makes me an "Urban Legend".

What are the goals you want to accomplish with "Urban Legend"?
I really want to minister to the unsaved with this project. Not saying that I don't want to edify the body, but the focus is more on people who tend to shy away from the Lord believing that they don't have a chance to gain a relationship with Him because of their lifestyle. I let them understand that I have been where they are and He gave me a chance just like He is willing to give them.

 What's the creative process like for a song?
First I listen to the beat, then I pray, then after that, I try to think of concepts that fit the production. After I get the concept, the hook is soon to follow, and the rest is HIStory!

Being creative can be challenging, but I like to think of different ways to deliver the message so that the listeners will be attracted to the song. When trying to come up with a different style, I just think out the box…I think weird or funny stuff! LOL!

Describe your music in one word.

What's you favorite song off the album "Urban Legend" and why?
"in the BEGINNING i knew EVERYTHING about the END". That song is very creative in my opinion. I have never witten anything like it. You have to pay close attention to the song to get the whole meaning behind it. At the end of the song I tell the listeners that "God is the 'BEGINNING', He's my 'EVERYTHING' and He is the 'END'. So, in the verses, you have to replace those words with 'God', and then it becomes a two fold song. You have to apply that rule to the hook as well as the title of the song.


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How did you start rapping?

I started when I was 2 maybe 3 years old. My dad told me that when rap music first came out, he played the "Sugar Hill Gang" over and over in my grandfather's basement where he used to rehearse. He said that one day he took me with him to an event in Kentucky and out of nowhere I recited the whole song! He told me that he didn't even realize I was paying attention! As I got older, around the age of 10, I started to write my own songs. My dad gave me a keyboard when I was 12 and I started producing my own music. Ever since then…I have been in love. 🙂

Do you still produce your own music?
No. I stopped producing after my 1st solo album, "Tymeline". After that, I just wanted to really focus on my writing. Plus, I didn't think I was a great producer! LOL! I just did what I had to do at the time to get the ball rolling.

I'm getting that bug again though, so, you might hear some production coming from me in the future.

When you got saved how did you make the transition to Christian Hip Hop? Was it evident to do?

The transition wasn't that difficult for me. I had a friend by the name of Lazarus who started doing it and he really paved the way for almost every christian rap artist in Cincinnati. He started a lable and I did the production for him. I didn't know that you could do gospel rap until I seen him do it. Then I met another cat by the name of L.G. Wise who showed a lot of love to us. After seeing them do it, I knew that it was meant for me because music was something that I loved to do.

God just use them and many others to show me that He gave me the gift and I could use it to glorify Him.

Photo by Philip Rood

What new projects are you working on?
I am working on a EP entitled "The Follow Up" due out 6/1/09. Also, just doing a ton of features for some projects coming out this year.

How many projects do you have available and where can you purchase them?
 I have 5 out right now and you can purchase them all from my website. A few of them are on iTunes as well. My website is

Any last words?
I would like to thank everyone who supports me and my ministry, encourage you all to continue to seek God in all that you do and don't worry about nothing, but pray about everything.