Cy to drop “Circus World Event: The Ringleader”

Much Luvv Records/Complex Melodies recording artist Cy from Houston, TX is releasing his new album ”Circus World Event: The Ringleader” nationwide on July 14th 2009 through Infinity Music Distribution.

Cy’s new project is a concept album with carnival-type sounds and metaphors that envision our world as a circus with one true ringleader (God) and an imposter (Satan) who plots and schemes for the same position.

Lyrically, the album starts off with the concept that Cy says, “in the Circus anything can happen.” In the song, “Watcha Step” Cy talks to other artists warning them about the deceptions and lies in the music industry. As believers, it is imperative that we know how to put God first in our businesses and what the Word of God says so we can apply it to our lives daily. “Take a Look” talks about how God sees believers and how we need to examine our hearts. On the song “Heat” Cy encourages the listeners to “stop listening to what other people are telling you to say and how you should sound as an artist. But, in the end what it would look like if we treated each other with respect and spread unity like the Word says to do?” The title track “The Ringleader” Cy portrays the devil and uses his tactics and strategies to get people to fall prey to his ways. Then, by the end of the song he reverses roles and acts as Jesus telling listeners how His strategies and tactics are completely opposite from the devil. He tells of His Grace and Love for us and how “The Ringleader” is a fake and how Jesus is the true Ringleader in our lives. With this project Cy has developed an eye-popping stage show that adds creative visual illustrations to the story subjects described in “Circus World Event’s” song list.

The album features many guest appearances from R-Swift(Crossmovement Records), Mark J(Gozpul Records), Sean Slaughter(Slaughter Music), Pettidee(Soldier Sound Records), Tre9(Much Luvv Records), and S.O.M. (Much Luvv Records) just to name a few. Also, the production team on this project is amazing with Tony Stone, Cy, 4 Sight Sounds, Big Toe, English, and mixed and mastered by Phillip Moore. So, get ready to take a journey to the “Circus World Event: The Ringleader” with Cy for hip-hop music experience like none other.

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