Mark J - An Everyday World

Let’s not beat around the bush: Mark J’s An Everyday World is one of the most complete albums I’ve come across in awhile. The New York native has put out six albums and it shames me to say that An Everyday World is just my introduction to the musical talent that is Mark J. Still, I can’t think of a better introduction to an unknown artist than An Everyday World, an album that’s about as flawless as they come.

An Everyday World is a diverse yet unified body of musical work. Though hip-hop in its foundation, An Everyday World is a smorgasbord of musical stylings ranging from rock infused tracks to sample based soul numbers to techno inspired anthems– all thanks to the hands of stellar productionists like Tony Stone, G-Styles, and Juice 20/20.

Simply put, An Everyday World successfully actualizes the potential for musical diversity that is only available in a genre like hip-hop. An Everyday World is hip-hop done right. While a lesser emcee would easily be overlooked amidst such grand and diverse production, Mark J shines all the brighter. Equipped with solid lyricism, intelligent punchlines, and a proclivity for addressing dense issues of faith, Mark J works magic on the microphone throughout An Everyday World.

The album starts with “Everyday World,” a jarring examination into the broken and sinful world that we live in as Mark J guides the listener through a series of grave questions. While each successive song on the album enters fresh territory, the track, “Merge” implicitly fits well the pensive thoughts of the intro as Mark J challenges listeners to combine their faith and lives. At the same time, Mark J uses the hard-hitting beat to engage the urban culture and their affinity for hypocrisy.

Throughout An Everyday World, Mark J astounds with the spiritual and practical density of his content. For those who think there’s a Jesus or Scripture Quota needed to render a Christian album effective, An Everyday World is evidence that an intelligent and talented mind can produce an edifying work without such rigorous requirements.

Mark J covers a plethora of issues on An Everyday World, hitting on the genocide in Sudan on “Darfur Dreams,” commemorating the persecuted on the flashback narrative “Tumbling Down,” and stressing the need for purity in the clever three-piece story “Dating or Married”. Mark J links up with Eric Cross and Pettidee on “Ride Out” for an official trunk-rattling joint that urges listeners to get their Matthew 5:16 on daily. That’s right, folks; even the bangers on An Everyday World are ripe with spiritual content.

In short, An Everyday World is a truly diverse and creative musical work. From the excellent production to the dense content to the stellar lyricism, Mark J’s An Everyday World is a great album that you need to get your hands on. Whether the album is a “classic” is a question only time will be able to answer. For those living in the here and now, I can safely say An Everyday World is without a doubt the best HHH release of 2009 thus far.

Label: Gozpul Records

Release Date: April 21, 2009

Track Listing
1. An Everyday World
2. Merge
3. Enmity
4. Marvelous Light
5. Tumbling Down
6. Dating Or Married
7. Ride Out
8. Apathy
9. Let It Go
10. Hold The Line
11. Vanity Fair
12. Luv Thing
13. Darfur Dreams
14. Baby U Don’t Luv Me
15. Look To The Sky
16. Champion