DJ X & KJ-52 Drop a Mixtape

KJ-52 drops a mixtape by DJ X (his on the road DJ) filled with collabs from KJ’s Remix the Remix Contest. The mixtape features artists such as R-Swift, Mac the Doulos, M.O.C., Jubilee, Craig Nice, George Moss, Dre Murray, Pettidee, Cash Hollistah and more…

1) Pump That Remix – KJ 52, R Swift, Mac the Doulos, M.O.C.
2) Almost Got Shot Remix – KJ 52, Jubilee
3) Push Up Remix – KJ 52, Blaze
4) Still Come Back Remix – KJ 52, Jubilee, Brownstudy
5) Do Yo Thang Remix – KJ 52, George Moss, Craig Nice
6) Twitter Timeout
7) Pump That Remix – Cash Hollistah/Midi
8) Got It, Got It Remix – Dre Murray, Pettidee, Mike Vargas, KJ 52, ATP
9) I Wont Ever Stop Remix – Goldinchild, KJ 52


Written by Rapzilla

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