Photo by Philip Rood
Photo by Philip Rood

The Music Video

You’ve heard it said that we live in a digital age, an age where technology leads the march and we follow, almost unconsciously, wondering to ourselves what the next big thing will be.

It all started with the Industrial Revolution, roughly 100 years ago, where we saw major shifts in manufacturing, production, etc. There was a major transition from strictly manual labor to more machine based innovation. Suddenly we found ourselves in a new world with new ways to communicate and various avenues in which to transfer and deliver information. Now fast forward to the twenty first century where we are today.

Let us fix our attention on the music industry. One of the ways in which technology has helped artists and musicians is by making their art more accessible to a wider audience. There are several areas on the web for downloading music, social networks designed to help artists promote themselves, and even little hand-held devices (pink, blue, green) in which to store thousands upon thousands of files. These advances, to be sure, have sparked immense social change, transforming the way we relate to one another and promote our art.

The Christian music industry, as many know, has been behind for years in terms of keeping up with the quality of art the world puts out. It has been lagging along, making minor improvements here and there, but never enough to capture the attention of those in what we might call the real world. However, I am proud to say this is changing. Particularly in the area of music videos.

Artists who come out with hip hop records, especially on a national level, need to have a music video. It is a necessary thing, one that can be difficult to execute properly (unless the creative direction is in the right hands) and often times, costly. Over the past year or so there has been a surge of high quality music videos (many which have premiered on rapzilla), a surge that has brought new life to songs, which is arguably the main purpose of a music video. These visual representations have provided the artist, so to speak, a new foot to stand on in terms of attention, respect, and notoriety. Let us hope it continues, especially in the genre of hip hop where there’s a major opportunity to impact the culture with a message of hope and power. But the truth is, no one outside the church will pay any attention if the quality is not there. It’s all about excellence.

These are my top 5 music video picks, taking into consideration song quality as well. We need the whole package, people! In no particular order:

– DJ Morph- “Can’t Break Us” feat. Frontlynaz
– Sharlock Poems- “Love” WATCH
– Flame- “Joyful Noise” feat. Lecrae and John Reilly WATCH
– Canton Jones “G.O.D.” WATCH
– Theory Hazit “I Just Wanna Go Home” WATCH

Honorable mention:
– Rhema Soul- “Steez” WATCH

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