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Louisiana is place known for gumbo, Cajun seasoning, Mardi Gras, Lil Wayne, good ole jazz, etc, but it is not known for its Christian Hip Hop or Holy Hip Hop. Tru Serva is straight out of Louisiana and he is bringing his ministry to be heard. He drops the release, ‘Paper Boy’.

He has a cool flow that goes well with the beats that compliment his flow. “Dey Didn’t Ask” has that head bobbing heat expected from someone from the Dirty South while Tru Serva makes sure that people know that he is bringing God’s glory right to the center of the humanistic mindsets that plague the world. “The Lost Souls (remix)” bears a strong message, but Serva’s delivery and even the beat unfortunately are a few years behind.

Serva raps in a gritty voice which is a cool contrast to the danceable “We Rock”, which features some synth samples packed with the snaps to serve as the snare for this one. Jessica Jarus guests and shares her pop voice to “From the Rooftop”, an anthem of joy and praise for being one of God’s children. The guitar licks and samples add a great element and compliment both Tru Serva and Jarus.

It is no lie that the people in Louisiana have gone through a great deal with Hurricane Katrina and there are those who turn to God. Then there are those who have gone into a deeper pit of destruction. On “Street Lights”, Serva spits to those who messed and gone to prison and of course he offers the message of Christ. . The song has a dark tone to add to the reality of the situation presented in the song with the chorus having some familiarity to “Hail Mary” from Tupac. It borrows an element, but it is not a cheap bite off of Pac’s song. The beat and music on “Saved by Grace III” are slowed down and chill to serve as secondary (but well made) accompaniment to what Tru Serva is trying to get across.

Tru Serva definitely has a message and a story of hope that he delivers on ‘Paper Boy’. His love of God and compassion on lost souls is evident. There are a few songs that could have been left out because they sound too outdated and thus take away from the album. There are still are enough bangers to enjoy.

1. Battle Cry
2. Intro
3. You’re Not Forgotten
4. From The Rooftop ft. Jessica Jarus
5. Let Me Holla @ Cha
6. Well Done
7. Lost Souls (Remix) ft. Hour To Hope
8. Saved By Grace III
9. Short ft. Fresh I.E. & DiJohn
10. We Rock
11. Street Lights
12. Dey Didn’t Ask
13. Outro
14. Purpose (You Can Make It) ft. Fresh I.E.


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