Interview – Zane One (of Tunnelrats)

How did you come up with your nickname “Zane One”?
My Real name is Zane,and I’m trying to live up to its meaning.Now I added the “One” on my tag when I would hit up in black books. From then on, everyone started calling me “Zane One.” I pretend I’m a graff artist!

Image Did you ever try graffiti or paint art?
Oh yes I “Tried”to use a spray can a few times,but that is not a skill I posess,and I’ll just leave that up to my homegirl FUSS ONE to hold that down.However, I do paint my art on the bags and notebooks I create.

What were the reasons of delay for this long awaited solo album?
There are many reasons why this album was put on hold, just imagine every possible thing life can throw at you, pretty much occured. From divorce, to living in a hotel with my children, to death. It has been an up hill battle from the get, from all aspects around me, there wasn’t much encouragement from the men closest to me, which caused me to second guess myself, but all in all I am glad I fought that and followed through.

How do you feel that the album is finally releasing?
I am thrilled the album is dropping! Seeing the physical cd’s was a trip. I am so ready for the journey.

Where do you see the journey heading in the next couple of years?
Knowing all the lessons I have learned the past 4 years, I know better than to limit myself to wild and simple dreams. I would hope to see God’s will be done. I would hope my children are healed and I can learn to trust the process. I want to start working on the next album,and I see the fruit in making connections and building with producers…Creative folk. I am just strapped in and ready to ride.

It was rumored that the album no longer existed, was this true?
Rumors Shumors… Actually it was true.

ImageWhy “L.A. Woman”? What’s the meaning behind the title?
“LA Woman”is a comfortable description of myself. I Decided on that not only because of the song from The Doors, but because of the concept of the album, and how the beats were created. Dert knew I was a hip hop hippie, and used all my favorite classic rock and folk tunes to make the bomb beats. Now those original songs have a whole new meaning to me.

What inspired you during the writing process?
I was inspired by turquoise rings, 1994, life lessons, my children’s encouragement, love, and the beats.

What do you want people to receive from this album?
I would be happy if people understood what I was trying to convey. I hope people are reminded their not alone. I want people receive sore necks from the constant head-nod.

ImageHow did you join the Tunnel Rats?
I joined the Tunnelrats because I was already rhymin’ with LPG. Dax is my brother and Jurny is my cuzin, so it was mando for me to ride along. It was a opportunity to still say what we wanted,but always had a message behind it, and has been the best choice I ever made. Wouldn’t be where I’m at if it wasn’t for them. TRZ!

Ever consider a name change: “Zanezilla”?
Ummmm….No…I have too many other names!

Besides music, what do you do?
I am a full time single parent, don’t mean to play that card, but boy…that “single” means a whole lot … I’m crafty, and I also make one of a kind bags, which I vend, hustle and I’m on my grind on the daily. “Zane One Bags” check them out.

If iTunes deleted your songs by accident which one song should still be up for sale? Why that one?
Man… I couldn’t take it if more songs got deleted! But if that was the case, I would hope the song “Not Anymore” would still be for sale. There was so much emotion when the song was made, stuff like that can’t be re-created. My brother Dax murders that hook, and I feel people can connect wit that song on deep levels. (I also think Headin Back would be great…style and creative wise)

What’s currently playing in your iPod?
I have no ipod, but on my record player,a group called Spirit-thanx J. And in my CD player.. Little Dragon.

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