outh London based rapper Ejiro has written a Christian rap song for cancer stricken Jade Goody who is said to be close to death, to bring encouragement to her and others. The 21-year-old unsigned UK gospel artist was touched by Jade Goody’s story and decided to compose a track for Goody.

The song titled ‘Dear Jade (Daddy Lord Remix) (a tribute to Jade Goody)’ has been posted today on the popular social networking sites YouTube and Facebook. The song talks about how life and death are in the hands of God.

The song says:

“Dear Jade, I’m sure you’ve come to know that like everything on earth life itself comes and goes. See in the face of death things takes a new depth, whichever of us is left thanking God for every breath. I know we’ve never met and this is as weird as it gets but I hope you listen and by this gesture I hope you’re blessed. I heard you found faith where a lot of people lose it so may you find grace when the doctors say you’re too sick and use it ‘cos faith without works is dead.

“He’s everywhere you go, he’s watching over you. No matter how far you go, he will never leave you. I know he will love you forever and I know that it’s true. So don’t give up on him and I know he won’t on you.”

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