Humble Tip is back, grinding like Tony Hawk on his new mixtape “Hold Em Off, Volume: 1”. This is power packed with his personal opinion on a lot of issues as opposed to his previous albums which were more motivated by the mission of the Church. The purpose of this album is described within the title, it is only meant to hold the fans off until September, which is when the new album “About Business” will drop.

This mixtape will bang from start to finish and allow the audience to view the more personal thoughts and struggles of Humble Tip. A stand out track has proven to be the “Christian Girls” track which praises those women living in righteousness. Also, the track “Christ In Booths” attacks the mentality that Christian emcees have to be accepted by the world to be effective.

The problem with this project is that it’s supposed to hold you off, but it leaves you wanting more.

The “Hold Em Off” mixtape releases April 1st for only $2.