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Holy Hip Hop vol. 7 drops March 24th

Holy Hip Hop vol. 7 drops March 24th

“Holy Hip Hop: Next Generation” illuminates Ministers of the Gospel in the Holy Hip Hop Global Community worldwide, with over 100,000 mp3 streams Volume 7 will hit stores and online retailers on 3/24/09 and will bring a street side of the CD Series with soul raddling tracks like My Lane – Dre Murray, Get Yo Praise On – Terry Green, P.U.S.H. -Platinum Souls & Thug Motivation – M..A.J.O.R.S.

Holy Hip Hop: Taking The Gospel To The Streets, satisfies the growing demand for spiritually enlightening music in both Christian and secular cultures. This Grammy and Stellar Award nominated CD Compilation series continues to gain popularity and fans through its uplifting message.

Track Listing
01. My Lane – Dre Murray
02. Dat Holy Girl – Lunie 3:80
03. Understand Dat – Tj Cross
04. P.U.S.H. – Platinum Souls feat Wingy Danejah
05. Get Yo Praise On – Terry Green AkA Bro. Green
06. Stop Holdin On – Hood
07. Caliente – Gritty
08. Get it str8 – Lil Dre
09. I AM – Kyle Lovett
10. Where You At – Pro
11. What God Is – Child of Zion
12. Thug Motivation – M.A.J.O.R.S.

Available at QualityJunk.com


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